Wednesday, 14 July 2010

places revisited

I dreamt I had received an invitation from the college where I got my MA to attend an extra course for six months. I arrived by boat (the city I dreamt of has nothing to do with the actual place were the college is). I got out of the harbour and decided to walk to the house where I was staying before I left. I was supposed to have made the related arrangements with the landlord. The day was bright and the colour of the grass with vibrant. The buildings were gray and the overall feeling I got from the architecture was futuristic in some way. I past by a police officer and a beggar with a long brownish coat, a scarf and a bowler hat and he approached me to ask for my spare change. I almost screamed "don't come near me". The police-officer turned around and asked me very gently why I had behaved so rudely. I realized I had indeed overreacted and apologized multiple times. Then I walked along with the police-officer and the beggar and they even offered me a drive home, as the sun was starting to set. We arrived at an alley and I realized I had given the wrong address. They had taken me to my previous residency. I said the new one was not very far and that I would walk. I turned around a corner and after a while I found the place. I went up the two stairs outside the main door and knocked on it. It was an old wooden one, with a big wobbly glass window and off-white metallic decoration. I got in a room that looked like a common room but one or two people were sleeping there. There was a table with chairs, a cupboard, a mattress on the floor that later transformed into a bed and a double white couch. Apart from the last object everything else looked old and used. People were in there and I was informed I could not move in because the landlord was refurbishing the place and my room was unavailable. He said he had sent me a letter I had never received. He apologized for the inconvenience but they told me I could spent the night there and start searching the following day. I felt odd because I had already paid the rent and I could not afford even a hostel. I asked If the couch was available and if they minded me sleeping there. I also asked about the house next door that was connected with the one I was in and I knew a friend of mine had stayed there when her room had to be reconstructed. They told me it was occupied. I knew that house from another dream. It is a place with big rooms and endless doors. I always thought it was bigger than it seamed as I kept finding new rooms and new floors occasionally. It was an old house with undefined perspectives. Back in the first room I had my dinner that consisted of carrots and mustard. A guy suggested I slept on his bed (the one that used to be a mattress) but I declined the offer.
Then I suppose it was day two and I was calling a friend of mine, that would arrive a week later, to inform her that we needed a new place to stay. Then the landlord's daughter came over and invited me upstairs. We went up a metallic black ladder. Their house was really old and with odd perspectives. The ceiling was strange and there was a disfigured stove. The daughter was a beautiful lean woman around her twenties with a fifties dress and hair-do. We went inside her room. Her bed was big and tall and covered with various fabrics. She took out a vanity mirror and powdered her nose. She said she did not want me to leave the place because she needed a friend and that it was her birthday and that I should wait for her to blow her candles on her cake. That's as much as I can remember.

After my alarm went off I put it to snooze and slept a bit more. I cannot remember anything coherent, but I remember talking to and building skeletons. I also remember talking to my partner's father about my house experience in the previous dream and realizing that the landlord was his relative, but he would not let me explain.

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