Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Not very interesting or detailed

I dreamt I had to attend a premiere and I arrived a little late. It was taking place at a theatre-gallery I know rather well. We were welcomed by the lady that owns the place. The show was about to start with a musical performance at the lobby. I took my ticker and sat down at a staircase. Then I remembered I had to go to the car to take something. When I arrived at the car I realized it was parked oddly between bushes and that my partner would have to move it. We got in and a lot of people were in it with us. We went back in the gallery but I was sincerely bored and wanted to leave. I can't really remember what happened next.
I also dreamt I was talking to a psychic investigator. He was informing me that some kind of paranormal activity was taking place at number four which was the area near us. He concluded that if number four is known to the public, the remaining preceding numbers would have occurred as well and that, therefor, we were at exactly the centre.

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