Friday, 16 July 2010

I often dreamt of buildings

I have mentioned before that since I started keeping this blog I either have developed difficulties remembering my dreams or I realized I remember much less than I thought I did, anyway. Fragmented pictures come in my mind but the narrative just slips through my fingers.
I think I saw I was among actors and I wanted to get a role as well. I also recall sitting on my own at some stairs and having really heavy make-up on.
During the last winter I was often dreaming that I was being followed and pushed around by people and circumstances. Lately I am much more aggressive in my dreams. I see my self plotting and being the boss and yelling to people (in reality I very seldom raise the tone of my voice and I hate it when people are being loud for no reason).
I used to dream often that I was in a very big building, like a students residency, wandering around very wide corridors and extremely large common rooms. They often had pools and they were built in various levels, so you always had to go up or down two or three stairs. In these places I usually tried to go to the loo or take a shower but it was almost impossible to stay alone, without somebody opening the door or peeping under or over it. Frequently I would try to go lower and get out but instead I would go higher and higher. If things got rough, eventually, at some staircase I would try a technique I have been practicing in dreams since I was very young; I would decide to jump and fall but alternatively I fell softly like a sheet of paper. This dream had variations but it was always the same norm.

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