Thursday, 22 July 2010


Sometimes when I wake and remember my dream, I think that I could sleep some more and still remember it. This is often incorrect.
All I can remember, from last night, are mutants. I was working for a governmental guild of witches. There were a couple of mutants that had discovered an infectious disease that could destroy humanity. They were the ones that would spread it, so they had to be confined. They were dark red hexagons, pretty much flower-like, and they had a spot from which they could be eliminated in their middle. It was also their most infectious spot and thus it was not a good idea to touch it. I managed to catch and imprison them in a dome. I accidentally touched one of them at that spot at the centre. I woke up. I thought it was eleven o'clock. My partner was still asleep. I closed my eyes again and slept some more.
The dream continued. I was in my guild discussing the matter and we were observing the mutants. I have the impression that I kept waking up and going back to sleep and watching the same thing again and again. I woke up at half-past-twelve. My partner was also awake and the window was open. We had pasta for breakfast-lunch.

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