Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Last night I dreamt that somebody loves me

I am not much of a Smiths fun but I happen to be quite fond of this song.
Last night's dream was way too complicated and confusing. The feeling I had when I woke was pleasant and I hesitate to start describing it as I will have to re-organize it time-wise and I'm afraid it might spoil the overall texture of it.
Actually it is a dangerous dream to write about. Too many hidden thoughts. I just hope that no one I know personally will read it.
I was somewhere else when I found myself inside the shop of my former employer, that was in this case a pet-shop. The door was unlocked but the lights were dim and no one was there but a light-brown hairy dog with long legs that I decided to take with me. He was among large cardboard boxes. The boxes were set tidy on rows of two and their dimensions were approximately 50 x 50 cm. I left and met an acquaintance that invited me home for coffee. The house looked like one that could be in John Water's A Dirty Shame (it's filmed in Baltimore). It was white and it had two stories. We were upstairs and other people were there. I remember flirting with this person in a really discreet way. It was more an expression of mutual feelings instead of a declaration of intentions. When I left the place, feeling a little bit ashamed and guilty, I went to meet my partner, but I met my ex. My feeling of confusion increased. He was sleeping on a very small bed, almost of children proportions and his pajamas did not really fit and I could see his belly. I tried to explain something but decided that something was wrong there so I closed the door behind me. I found myself on the street and I had another dog this time. It looked like a doperman, but was not as muscly. It was very thin and it had very long legs, and its face reminded me of a snake but it was pleasant to look at and its tongue was one of a snake. I was in my hometown at this point and was looking for my car. I got inside a black small old-school European model and a friend was waiting for me there and we chatted about the dog. I had become very attached to this dog, and it to me. I was again at the first house and was trying to make coffee but didn't know what kind of coffee would please everyone. I asked and decided to prepare filter coffee. The percolator was full of dried beans, not coffee-beans, ordinary ones. I mixed them with coffee and started the process with the dog on my side. Then we were to leave the apartment and as we were locking the door, leaving the dogs inside, we saw policemen coming upstairs and we felt odd about it because we were supposed to have smoked you know what. We didn't have anything on us but we still looked dodgy. The investigation was about a murder though. I realized a day had gone by without me thinking about the first dog that I aimed to give to my mother. I went inside the apartment and people were there. I was asking about the dog and a very odd woman was there looking at me suspiciously. She was fat and had red hair and was wearing cheap colourful clothes, as if she had chosen everything carefully from a charity-shop or something. Sort of early eighties clothes. She was sitting on an easy chair in a tastelessly furnished room. I could see a corridor through the door behind her. She told me off about something and I decided to keep my distance form her. I went on looking for the two dogs when I woke up with the thought that I was looking for my current partner whose face I could not remember in my dream and he was connected with the snake dog in a way. Nice gloomy yellowy dream. Then I burnt the coffee and it is not very nice.
I also remember watching a ceiling slowly colapsing. Pieces of plaster and paint and paint were falling like rain on the corridor floor (much like in the film Silent Hill).

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