Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I woke up too early today. I have only slept for four and a half hours. I would have slept more but I got irritated and anyway, I realized I had already seen a dream, so sleeping more would be besides the point. I dreamt that I had never met my partner, that I had just separated from my ex and that I met another guy that was quite odd. He was one of those tall and built trendy Mediterraneans I've never been fond of. So, being aware of this in my dream, I was thinking it was not a good idea to be with a person like that. I was also thinking that I wouldn't want the relationship to have any future because I could not communicate at any level with him. He was even dressed in white and I hated his hair. I was thinking about all these in my apartment when he arrived, and I thought I might as well have some fun while he would be still available, but I would try to do it without getting too entangled into this. He came in and we talked about this and that and then we went for a ride. We went to the entrance of a thick worm forest. There was a bridge made of bamboo and a small pond under a small waterfall. It was rather nice there. We kept talking and then we were at my apartment again. I asked if he could drop me downtown. At this point I remember being at my mother's back yard. He agreed and took my keys. For some reason I did not ask for them. When we arrived he said he was going to the barber's and I would go visit some friends, so as to ask for their opinion on the matter. I had found two airplane tickets (for France, I think) and did not know if I wanted to go there on my own or invite him along. I went to this friend's house and found her with her sister, which kept nodding and saying "aaaa" while I was explaining the troublesome situation I had found my self in. Suddenly I was at the barber's asking for my keys. He said they were in the inside pocket of his jacket that was now black. He was still wearing it under the hairdresser's robe and it was not very easy for me to spot the pocket. I was reaching for them when I woke up. The first thing I remembered was the waterfall.

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