Monday, 12 July 2010

Two failures to remember and an old dream

Yesterday I woke up thinking that I should post something on the blog. All I could remember from my dream was trying to remember what I was seeing, so that I would write about it and nothing more. So, no real dream. I can only remember trying to leave my self mental notes, of which I had no recollection after I woke up anyway.
I do remember seeing something today, but it is all too vague. I remember that I was conducting an investigation, talking to people about it, a serum I should deliver somewhere for things to happen but not succeeding at this, a monster and chocolate. No specific order of events or anything else. Pity I can't remember. It sounded fascinating. In a sort of X-files style.
In order to make amends I will talk about one of the dreams I used to see often as a child:
I was with a cousin of mine who is several years older. Her father at the time was an immigrant in America. I assume he must have been working in constructions, because this was his job when he returned, I never asked about it but this was my assumption. I was not older than seven years old when I was seeing this. In the dream I was with this cousin and we both had two small bicycles of those that have three wheels. We were going to visit her father that was working inside a big cave, like a mine or something. We had decreased in size somehow and were about doll size. When we entered the cave the ceiling would collapse behind us and we would get trapped inside the darkness and slowly die. I remember a few images rather clearly. I saw this dream several times and it always let me with a feeling of discomfort, more that fear. At the time I remember having a long black pony-tail. My hair were very thick.

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