Monday, 20 September 2010

Two wild nights out

I dreamt a friend invited me to a concert and I didn't really want to go. I thought I could drop in for an hour or so and that I would go home afterwords. When I arrived there he introduced me to other friends of his and we approached the stage all together. Some of them were musicians and would perform later in the night. I mentioned that I would not stay long because I didn't have much money and tried to explain why it would not be fun to stay there sober. I can't remember my exact words but I was very pissed off by his insistence. Our dispute got so loud that one of his friends, a tall and lean guy, with hollow cheeks and big dark eyes said he was feeling sorry for me. Soon after that there was a great upheaval in the audience with lots of people fighting. I felt amused by this site and went towards my sister that appeared in the audience. We were discussing about our current situation and, I think, we mentioned our mom. I half- woke up.
It was still dark outside and I went back to sleep. I dreamt I was in London, not the London I remember but the London as I see it in my dreams. I was living near a region with a bad reputation, like Brixton, or Stockwell, or Soho before it became a tourist attraction and it was a queer night, like they present the Mexican Day of the Dead in films. People got out on the streets with peculiar intentions and it was an exclusively non-white residents feast. I was expecting my sister to arrive on that night. I picked her up from a dark alley near a station of some sort and we decided to go for a walk locally. We were walking on a narrow alley full of shop of various ethnicities. It was extremely atmospheric. The general oriental ambiance was intensified by multiple smells coming from shop that sold incenses, spices and the traditional food of each country that participated in the feast. We entered a Chinese shop to bye incense. My sister offered to buy it for me but she said it would have to be white because it was the only kind she liked. We got it from a very nice elderly woman that did not speak English. We got back out on the street but as the night grew things started becoming aggressive and people were approaching us with the intention to scare us away at any cost. Most people were men, women were only in shops. A group came near us and my sister told them something. I got scared and pulled her behind me. To appease them I through my incense in a big pot with burning coals that was set for this purpose in the middle of the street. Instead of incense, though, I saw that it was copper coins I had thrown in and I moved them with my hand without getting burnt. My sister said they were fake coins and that it was not good to show that I had forge currency of theirs. We walked some more and she wanted to go into a shop that sold all sorts of technological gadget and hair accessories. The people that were there stared at us curiously and this made me feel uncomfortable. We looked through a door and saw a smoke filled room like a gambling club. I said it was probably a bad idea to be there and suggested we rushed back home. At that point I discovered a gap in my dreaming scenario that had to do with my residency and filled it in somehow but I can't remember exactly how. I do remember thinking, though, what a strange thing it was to make things up in a dream.
Then I saw it was the same special date, earlier in the day and I was waiting for p. I was on a road near a brownstone bridge. I remember observing the stairs through witch was the way on it. He was wearing a waist-length leather jacket and he had a cigarette in his mouth. He was walking joyfully and he told me he had rented a car. I tried to tell him it was a dodgy district on that particular night and that maybe we should park the car somewhere safer and choose elsewhere for our walk. I kept trying to say that the previous time I was there some Mexicans had pulled a knife to my sister but never managed to finish my story. He was somehow cocky and insisted that things would be fine. He drove to an underground parking lot and could not understand that he should pass on foot from the check-in office to get admittance. A beautiful woman of African origin was at the desk and she was very mellow when I went there to ask her to excuse him for being so rude. We left the car and walked to a club. He went in first and as I followed I was stopped by a group of men of the previously mentioned origin that asked me to leave him and choose their company instead. I declined their offer and their smooth-talk. Later we were on the subway trying to get two stops further. We missed our stop and had to change train. I was a bit slower and was nearly left behind. I had to grab the last door of the train as it was closing. There were very few passengers on. We got further mixed up between trains and stations and spent a lot of time underground butt luckily our tickets were valid for an hour and a half.
I half-woke up again thinking that I had really enjoyed my night and that I should definitely try to remember all I had seen in the morning. I went back to sleep repeating to myself my earlier dreams. By the time I woke up and finally got to turn on my laptop I could not recall a bloody thing but that I had seen two amazing dreams. It came back in the end, but possibly not with every detail.

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