Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Sailing race and concert-hall

Last night I dreamt of my dog for the first time. I saw I was with P. and we had just smoked our last illegal cigarette. I didn't have any tobacco of my own, so, as we were about to part I asked him to roll a cigarette for me but apparently not as long as the previous one. He made for me a huge cigarette with a bright blue paper and I put it as it was in my bag. We parted after this. Later I was in a hotel lounge with my mother and sister. We had gone there on vacation but we would also participate in a sailing race. The contestants were expected to have constructed their own vessels and ours was really small and flat and would only move if there was a current to drug it. The race would take place in a river, though, and therefor if we managed to stay on it and keep it straight things would work just fine. I was also expecting guests, a group of people I didn't know but were friends of P. I knew I had to keep my cigarette for their company. They came and did not make the best impression as it was a group of yuppies with sweaters on their backs and well-combed hair. They were moaning about the weather and the sea that was dirty were we were. I told them there were far nicer shores if they didn't mind the distance, which caused more comments of discontempt in their group. I left them all and went to the bar that looked more like a bakery to get something to eat. I wanted a slice of some sweet bread with almonds I saw but the backer told me he had only the outer smaller slices left because it was commissioned by the scouts. He gave me two slices and added a bit of jam in the middle. I thanked him and went back to our table. Sitting on the bar was an old captain that would also participate in the race. I knew he had a strange story but didn't bother talking to him. I was looking for an opportunity to share my cigarette but could not manage to stay alone with them anywhere. The race started and I was on that small vessel with my mother, my sister and my dog. We had to lean left and right while standing to make the vessel move towards the correct direction. The dog fell in the water and I was afraid I would lose her but she managed to follow us quite well and I was pleased. We realized that we had left something behind and we made a full turn and lead our little boat into the previously mentioned hotel lounge. I have the impression that this happened several times. I can't remember anything more from that scenery.
I also saw- maybe at some other dream- that I was probably with my sister and we were going to a concert of classical music. We had to go up some stairs and when we reached the top there was a big gap between the last step and the concert hall lounge. The staircase was rather unstable at that place, as well. The people that were working there informed us that we had arrived too early and that we would have to wait where we were for some time before we got admittance in the hall. I felt bad in my stomach and tried to explain I have a case of fear of heights and edges and that I was standing in the less comfortable spot for a person like me. I already hesitated to take the next step and cross over the gap, but standing on the edge of what seamed like an abyss was above my power. Other people had started gathering there and I felt I couldn't even go back if I attempted to do so. We were allowed in a smaller room and my sister wanted to go out for a stroll and to buy something before the concert started. We took the evacuation staircase that passed outside our window. We were not supposed to do this and we were, also, next to a police station that meant we had to be extremely cautious. We managed to do everything right when I realized I no longer knew where my ticket was. I started returning to the room in exactly the same way I had left it, in case the ticket had fallen somewhere. If I didn't find it I would not be able to go in and it needed great effort from our behalf to g through the whole process to destroy everything at the last moment. I succeeded to return to the room and found my ticket, that was a plain blue piece of printed paper, on a pile of clothes I had left on a bed, there. That's possibly as far as this dream evolved. It probably preceded the previous one. I woke up when I heard Inuki moaning because I was sleeping and she wanted company.

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