Sunday, 19 September 2010


The first thing I remember from last night's dream is a woman in a very short gray vinyl skirt and a cow-boy hat being spanked by another one on a desk. She received the first couple of strokes willingly but started objecting to the sequential ones. I later discovered she was a member of a relationship between many people, based on mutual abuse and enjoyment. I can't recall exactly how but their intercourse involved mainly causing each other pain and not actual penetration. At some point there was a male sitting on a mattress among silk sheets on the floor and was surrounded by many women- Madonna was among them- and one of them told him they had a very special present waiting for him. It was a small jar with honey. Despite the fact that up to that point I was an observer when he got his jar I found the same in my hands. He ate a spoonful and I dipped my fingers in mine. After he had swallowed plenty of honey his women informed him it was a very special honey only for him. They told him it was imported from some Asian country and it had a very flamboyant name. It's special quality was that by the time it reached the consumer's bowels, some tiny inherent needles exploded shredding apart his rectum. I panicked as I felt the little needles in my own mouth but tried to rationalize and explain to myself that was I was observing was mere fiction and that such a honey couldn't possibly exist. I started coughing non the less and spitting. The guy was panicking, swearing and threatening his laughing mates until he accepted his destiny and calmed down, waiting for six hours to pass.
The scenery changed and I saw that I was observing a colony of convicts on another planet. The land was covered in snow and most of the people had blackened fingers from frostbites. I could see one of them slipping and falling as he was trying to return to his lodge. Most of them were hostile to each other and often trying to kill one another. The technology was advanced and people had gone through prosthetic surgery, altering parts of their body and obtaining new abilities. I remember seeing two convicts on a train platform. One of them seamed to be a very straight-forward person and something like a hero that had been trapped and sent there. He was waiting for the train with a massive weapon in his wounded palms. As the train approached he started shooting. He did not succeed in causing any damage as the vehicle was made from some very sustainable metal. Another convict, also massive in size and with frostbites and a queer head that seamed completely insane was hiding behind a corner and as the train was leaving the station went forward and killed the previous man. He had a disgusting mental grin on his wide face.
Then I saw more of the residents of that prisoners colony. I saw two yuppies in their bed. They were about to go to sleep when the man got a message and a small antenna with small LEDs came out of the top of his head and a strange gadget out of his arm. He was a convict that worked as a bureaucrat and had these things implanted in his body so as to be able to work whenever he was needed and wherever he was. His wife seamed annoyed by these and asked him why was he called for at that hour.
I must have woken up then for a little while. I dreamt some more but my sleep was much lighter and often disrupted and I can't remember anything more coherent.

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