Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Empty coffee jar and nothing more

I haven't been able to remember anything from my sleep for days.
Today, I had set the alarm-clock at nine o'clock, but I opened my eyes at five to nine, knowing that I had just seen a dream. I stayed in bed and waited for the alarm to go off. When it did I was starting to feel a bit sleepy again and I remained lying down. Apparently I went back into slumber and I have the impression I kept dreaming the whole time. I know this is not physically possible, yet I was in the state of light unconsciousness strangling to convince my self that the hours were going by and I have things to do while it's still not so warm.
When I woke up definitely I had only one mental image from my dreams. I remember opening the coffee box and seeing it empty. I did not panic because I knew I had more coffee in the fridge but was put off just a bit.
Now: slight head-ache from the moisture in the atmosphere and an unpleasant phone-call. I am going to help a friend paint her new house later. Have a nice day.

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