Monday, 13 September 2010

the party

In the middle of the night I woke up from a scary dream and it took me some time to realize it was not my reality, relax and go back to sleep. At that point I could remember what I had seen very vividly. I' ll try to bring as much as I can now.
I was in an apartment I shared with people I met at the students residency where I stayed in 2008. It was late at night and I had been expecting people to come and visit me all afternoon on an unspecified occasion, possibly my birthday. I had decided to go to bed when someone knocked on my door. I opened and a bunch of half-drunk English college students pushed their way into my apartment claiming that they heard I was throwing a party. They sang a birthday song for me. I remember a small brunette with a silly party hat, holding a bottle, completely shit-faced. I felt I should restrain them somehow but they were too many and everyone knows that drunk English brats are really cocky and difficult to handle. I saw a girl vomiting on a red couch my grandmother used to have and my mother got later at our house. I started complaining about this situation and mentioned that the bloody couch was vintage and that she should sort out that it would get proper cleaning. She was looking at me with an idiotic grin on her face, tilting left and right while her partner made useless efforts to remove the spaghetti stains.
Next thing I remember was waking up in my room in my dream, wondering when and why did I go to sleep, leaving the berserk people alone in our leaving room and I concluded that I must have become drunk my self rather suddenly. I got out of bed and out the door and saw that the place had been almost demolished. I was in trouble because the other tenants were not there and therefor the apartment was my responsibility. The furniture were smashed and stalked, the tapestry had been ripped apart and the lights were hanging way lower than they should from the ceiling. People were lying around, also in the rooms of my housemates, and there was vomit everywhere. Some started stirring as I was crossing over them and some started waking up. A couple came out of the door across mine on the corridor and they told me that they knew watching a lot of films was a good thing to do but that they were sorry they had smashed every single one of my dvds. I told them they would be in deep shit because the dvds they had damaged were not mine but they belonged to the muscly flatmate of mine. They felt intimidated for a moment but then somebody mentioned that he was in the hospital with internal brain bleeding. I felt so sorry for the poor guy and that I should definitely set things straight in the house because if he survived he would need his room to be really neat. I walked towards the door and I found a lot of people sitting down there as well. Two were strangely deformed. They looked very young and one of them had a missing nose; it was not as if he had a gap on his face but as if his cheeks were bulging were his nose should have been. He looked like those cartoons that have flat faces and no indication of nose but he was three dimensional and with fleshy collours. I looked at him and asked what was wrong before I realized it was this certain lack of features that was odd. They told me he was very good at organizing stuff and that this was why they let him hang around with them. I woke up feeling that I had so many things to settle, no money to cover the damages and a flatmate possibly dying in some hospital. As expected I felt great relief when I realized I was safe in my quiet apartment, in my usual bed with the usual company.
I saw another dream in the morning, possibly with a similar theme but more relaxed but I can't recall anything more specific.

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