Wednesday, 16 March 2011

we travelled a lot

I saw I was with P. It was night time and we were returning home, probably in his home town. We stopped outside a house with lots of low garden doors. He insisted it was abandoned and that we would have to go to explore it. I said it did not look abandoned and that actually somebody must be in there, because one of the doors was unlocked and opened with the key still in the keyhole. He insisted like a child and went in so I was obliged to follow. I fiddled with the door for a little while. I could not decide if I should close it , or leave it as found or more open. I tried to leave it as I found it and proceeded inside. I went in through a narrow corridor between houses. It was odd indeed, as it was a corridor not more than a metre and a half wide but the walls extended two floors in height. I found P. "exploring the house. It did not seam abandoned. It looked actually as somebody was living in there and was gone for a very little. I saw an unmade double bed that reminded me remotely of my grand-parents' house. Eventually we decided to leave the house and go out. As we were passing through the previously mentioned corridor we saw a car parking outside. I knew that the passengers, a man with hair loss and glasses around nearing his forties and an older woman, were the legal owners of the place and that therefor they should not see us going out. There was a big wooden plank and I suggested we hid behind it but P. said we should hurry up and sneak out while they were talking to each other. Then an aunt of his appeared and she got out from another garden door, as if she had visited another house. I followed her but P. went out through the first one. We met again and he said I should have done the same.
Later we were at my home town. We had gone to the bakery that is almost across my house to get some traditional Christmas sweets. We were standing outside the bakery wondering if we should go to the attached pastry shop as it seamed cheaper. I checked the prices and saw that the kind of sweets we wanted was cheaper at the bakery. We went in. I noticed they were selling a kind of sweet bread that is usually eaten in the fasting period before Easter. I asked P. if he had ever tasted this and since his answer was negative I asked the girl that was waiting for our order for one of these. P. went to choose more sweets and pay for them. We left the bakery. P. was holding a huge plastic bag with a big tray of syrupy sweets. He turned it and a big piece of Turkish almond pie fell on the pavement. I asked him to be more careful and we went back home. We ate some of the sweets with our hands, as most of them were like big pieces of moist cake.
I also saw me. I was looking at my self in a mirror wondering what I should do with my hair. I suddenly realized they looked much better than I though, as they were longer, black and straight. I had a big fringe covering my eyes and the rest of them fell rich on the sides.
Later, maybe in another dream, I was with P. again but this time he had long hair and looked more Japanese. It was his birthday and we were with a couple that were his aunt and uncle. They were supposed to have a big surprise for him. We all went to sleep together in a very big bed. When we woke up they weren't there. We started playing around with P. when he transformed into a dog. I jumped over two chairs and got on his back to ride him like a horse. We were laughing a lot.
Then I saw we had just arrived at his parents house in his home town. P. went in and I stayed at the door because dogs kept coming out. I was catching one of them and pushing it back inside and another would come out. I woke up.

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