Sunday, 6 March 2011

Paschalis vs Marilyn Manson

I saw I was participating at the making of a television show. There was Paschalis, an ancient, yet still alive, Greek singer that was very popular in the seventies. He has thick black hair and very white teeth. In my dream he dressed like Marilyn Manson. We were fooling around and he decided to cut my fringe. He caught it with his hand, pulled it forward and cut all the hair together. Under my green hair there were some purple tight with knots. I started removing these. I felt like going to the loo but it was occupied. Instead I got into a fridge and sat on a plastic box to do my number two. T., a friend of my sister was holding the door for me but I could not do it. She was smiling at me but this did not improve things. I got out and said hello to A., D's friend that had just arrived. The location was deep in a forest. Somebody said there was fire. We could see the flames surrounding us. Some of us run into the forest to put out the fire. Me and P. sneaked away and run to the car. A fat man got in through the back door. He swore at as for abandoning the rest of the people and not going to help with the fire. We were not sure if we would manage to get out of the forest before the flames consumed us. I turned towards him and screamed that he could not blame us for anything because he was also running away and further more we were saving him.
I woke up around eight o'clock due to great pain in my abdomen and lower waist area. I tried to sleep some more and I saw that I was very swollen and round; as big as a small elephant.
Later I dreamt I was in my mothers house and we were redecorating. I was rearranging spaces and furniture. I formed a small living room into the entrance hall and separated another room with some new white furniture that resembled slightly the window of a pastry shop. There were these new white ones and all our old blue and brown furniture. The house felt very big and odd but it was a pleasant dream in general.

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