Friday, 4 March 2011

my sister had a show in a club

I dreamt I was with my sister. She had a show and a party at some big club. I met her opposite this location, in a vast studio with a big double door. I was left there on my own for a little while. On a table there were lots of small handmade plus toys. I wondered why they had not been commissioned to me. I was looking at them, trying to choose mine. I could not find any one particularly expressive to take as a comrade and I thought I might take one of each. Then I saw the advert they were made for and though it was about cats none of the toys looked like a cat. I was wondering why that was. My sister returned to this space. She was in a hurry to go to the club across the street and I had to go with her. I was working at my laptop at that point and I had just shut it down. As it was turning off I told my sister to shut its lid as well but wait until the screen was dark. I told her multiple times but she closed it as it was, while the screen was still lit. I told her that I had told her so many times not to do that. She was nervous and had not been paying attention to me. I went out the big, heavy, grey door first. We went to the club. I realized I had left my camera in the previous space and asked one of the girls who had the keys to open it up for me but none of them had the time. I did not like this because I was not sure that it was there I had left it and that there for it was safe and sound, and I had to check. I also remember the club full of people dancing but nothing more.

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