Sunday, 27 March 2011

tiny cons

I dreamt I came back home and my dog had taken my pencil case with all my markers and she was chowing them on the floor. I was chasing after her to punish her and teach her not to be a little thief but I could not touch her. I was very worried because I know that despite the fact she is a very good dog, once she puts something in her mind it takes more than one effort to convince her that she shouldn't be doing it.

I also dreamt that I was at the school were I teach. I had taken more classes than I wanted and they had also signed me in for lessons with another teacher. I was going down some stairs after the bell had ringed and I was asked by someone to go to my class. I responded I was a teacher and they looked at me with gaping mouths. I walked into a room in a basement and I saw lots of students fooling around. Apparently it was a lavatory that also functioned as a game because after you went in there and did your job there was an indicator above the door with a score bar and an amount of things you would win on your way out. I tried to go through a blue door but they told me it was for boys and that the ladies cubicles were the red ones. I also noticed there were small silver and gold signs with little boys and little girls urinating. I waited for my turn when a tall boy pushed me aside and went in instead. I waited in front of the next door but when it opened I hesitated as I heard some girls making squeamish sounds. I looked inside and it did not seem particularly dirty. I also observed it had a cafeteria counter attached to the door and that this is is were they served food. The dish of the day was spaghetti bolognese. I went inside and closed the door behind me. Once I was enclosed I realized the space was too small. In order to sit I had to squeeze by the sink and the wall. I hate to touch the surfaces in such spaces. Further more when I approached the sink it adjusted its height automatically making the space even smaller. I could barely move in there so I just went out. I heard the secretary say that she had her own loo. It was the seventh in the basement. It was time for me to go to my class, not to teach but to attend. I found my professor, who was in my age, and we started talking about films and book and we had a great lough. Apparently we would never have a proper lesson but we would spend our time chatting. I did not mind that one bit since I had not applied for this my self in the first place and furthermore the other student was always sleeping.

Then I saw I was on a ship. There were a couple of miniature con-artists. One of them would transform into an object and this was how they committed their frauds. It was not a big ship. It looked like a pirate wooden sailboat. Something went wrong and we started sinking. We were the last ones on board and we climbed up the highest mast when the vessel started falling forward. I told them to jump and swim as further as they could so as not to be pulled inside with the ship. We fell in the sea and I grabbed the hand of one them and pulled him out. He pulled his sister. His hand was so tiny. We swam and got away. Then we were getting on another ship and in order to avoid paying two tickets the girl transformed into a beautiful coral necklace into an old biscuit box. I told her brother to be very cautious not to loose her and that maybe he should hang her from his neck.

I woke up. I looked at P. and saw that we were sleeping in the same posture; tummy side up and with our arms above our heads. He also opened his eyes and we got up.

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