Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Captain fox

I saw I was involved in a battle with magical perspectives. When it ended we rewound time and got back to the point when none of this had started. I found myself in a classroom. I felt peculiar because since I had all my memories I didn't really have to be there, neither I felt younger than my teachers. I was in another class, sitting with friends when their teacher came in and asked me to go to my class. I asked her if I could stay there but she said I would loose an important lesson that would help me manage bills in the future. I thought it must be maths and that I liked that so I started walking towards my classroom. When I got in I saw a mathematician I had in high-school that would come to school with a hang-over and never taught during the first hour. He would sit on his desk with his head on his hands instead. I did not fancy spending an hour in his class. They were always rather dull and he did not say much, most often he could not solve the problems himself. I got in anyway and took a sit. The classroom resembled a basketball court. Something happened, a fight or a mild violent incident between some thugs and a bulgy mentally impaired child. The teacher sorted it out and then we all had to tell the boy with special needs that he was all right and that we loved him. All the students were standing up, making group hags. I could not participate even if I wanted to because people were blocking my way. When things started to settle down I saw that a french friend of mine, L., was there. She had a bag the future me had made. People were looking at it and I thought that I should modify their memories because it would be years before I made this object, so it could become fashionable at that point. I stopped talking to a girl that was standing next to me. I told her I was sorry but I had to modify some memories. I started staring really intensely at the girls that were looking at the bag bu ti could not tell if I was succeeding. We took our seats again. I saw in the back of the room a character form an anime I've been watching lately. The more I observed him the more he looked like a fox. As I focused on him and was starting to decipher his characteristics I woke up.

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