Monday, 14 March 2011

I had a boyfriend

Supposedly, I was working in the same bar with my friend D. It was night-time and I had gone there to talk about the job. I wouldn't start until the next day. I met a guy there; a rather good-looking guy. He was taller than I am, almost by a head taller, blond, with nice cheek bones and a beautiful nose. I got out of the shop and walked to a house that was just behind it. I don't know if I was staying there or if I had gone there to do something. He came along and we chatted. He had a wicked smile and with the first chance he pushed me on a bed. We did not proceed into intercourse, nor kissed, just hugged and played verbally. I wondered if I would have to tell him I already had a boyfriend. He did not look like he cared. We left this place and kept flirting while trying not to get noticed by the others. I was starting to like him a lot and I was thinking that if a man fancies me when I play hard to get and I reject him, if he might not like me nay more when I start falling for him because the way I look at him changes and therefor my face goes through changes as well. I remember playing a bit more of hide and seek and then unfortunately I woke up. I did not have any intention of loosing my little adventure so I went back to sleep right on. I found my self in the same place but I could not recall his face. I experimented a little but could not get it right. I was looking for him but none of the men I saw in my second dream were as good-looking as the first one. Pity. I woke up soon afterward.

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