Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hospital 2

I dreamed I was taken to the hospital. I was not sure if I really wanted to be operated. I talked to the people at the reception but I could not remember the name of my doctor. I remember the name of the previous boss of P. but I was sure it was the wrong one. They led me to my room. There was a lot of free space around my bed but otherwise it was rather crowded. It was a very long space with beds as far as I could see. I told them I had just gone there for medical examination but they responded that we would finish the process anyway. They brought me food. I wondered why was that since I knew that before the surgery I would have not to eat anything for the whole day. I was worried I might get another doctor and as I was led into the operating room I straggled to remember the name and face of my doctor. I was further worried that if I let another doctor take my case he would get angry at me. I regained my senses and looked at my tummy. I had stitches in the middle of the scar but it was left gaping with caking blood on the sides. I could also see something white shining in there. They told they had to remove two more and therefor I would have to go the whole process twice more. They also told me I would need to eat some Rammen to get better and showed me the recipe. Then I was with P. and his cousin D. We were talking about my scar and I asked them if they thought I was cured. We decided to go to sleep. I was the first one to wake up. When I went in the kitchen I found food being cooked. D.'s parents had arrived and they had brought lots of pots and pans with them. One was left on the stove cooking slowly. It was a very small pot covered by a very big, heavy, glass lid. I checked if it had enough water and place the lid back carefully. I looked into the other pots and saw that there were potatoes cooked with rice. I thought it was a really absurd combination of food and that it might be a traditional festive dish, otherwise it made no sense. D.'s mother got up and I left the kitchen. P.'s sister with her fiance had just arrived. I felt like avoiding them. The smaller of their dogs came near me. As I lifted him their other dog came in and so did they. I greeted them and got out on the front yard. There were people playing tennis. They told me to join them. They were four and I did not have a racket. They pointed to the table at something that looked like a black freesby. I woke up repeating to myself the rammen recipe.

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