Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I. made a huge pile of poo

I dreamt I was working for a theatre company. There were a lot of people I didn't know and I didn't really like either. I had made costumes for them from a blue gauze that was also part of the scenery. It was not much to speak off. The set was this plain piece of fabric hanging from the low ceiling and their clothes were like ponchos. For the final rehearsal I bought orange gauze so that the actors can separate from their environment. I also had some ideas to augment their appearance and make it more interesting and associate it to the parts. I went there and they did not like my ideas one bit. They said they were used to what they had so far and that they wanted to keep it as it was. I did not want to work much for them so I did not insist. I left soon after that. Then I saw I was with P.who had agreed to play a part for another play. We were supposed to be in London but it did not really resemble London as I remember it. P. left before me and I would go find him later. I left the flat with the dog. We got in a bus and got confused and missed our stop. By the time we got off the dark had started to fall. We were at the wrong side of the river and I did not know exactly where to go. I asked some friendly girls I had met on the bus and they gave me the general directions. I crossed the river and got at an industrial area. I saw somebody I knew and I went to speak to him. I. wanted to poo and she made a huge pile of dung on the pavement. I was looking for a plastic bag to collect the poo but could not find it. A man with African origin passed by us with his dog and offered me his poo-bag. I smiled at him and as I reached for it I saw my bag in my pocket. I thanked him and showed him that I had found my bag. Then the person I was talking to said that there was P. and pointed to the crossroads. At first I could not see who it was that was coming towards us but as he came nearer I saw it was indeed P. He was on the phone and had not seen us. I called his name out loud a couple of times. He saw me and came nearer. He was all dressed up for the part with a white renaissance shirt and his face had make up on in the style of Louis vi. I woke up, too late to go to my morning work and be back in time for the afternoon one, so I stayed at home and took my morning easy.

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