Wednesday, 9 March 2011

poss suitor

It was supposed to be the carnival season. I was with my sister and my mother. My sister's friend E. was there as well. I also had a suitor. I can't remember how I got him. He was somebody's brother and he had taken a fancy to me. I did not find him appropriate though. He was very serious looking, tall and large-built and probably too old. He was very polite and I agreed to have lunch with him. My mother would join us. My sister insisted that I mascaraed myself. She gave me an old dress and told me to make a pony tail with my hair. I wanted to wear a brown bandana but she insisted that the character would be more accurate this way. The time was passing and it was getting too late to go out for dinner. I remember vaguely the man's house and that his parents were there. I remember a dark brown furniture with drawers and a mirror on top. My suitor was wearing a tuxedo and a red scarf. I looked very odd and like a peasant. I think I wanted to shock him with my outfit and put him off the thought of liking me. Eventually we got out on the street. Somebody commented on the fact that none of us was wearing appropriate shoes for our outfits. We were about to go into a poss restaurant when I said I was not hungry and maybe I would like to go for a walk or return to my house. This must have been when I woke up.

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