Friday, 25 March 2011

Alien spacecrafts

Yesterday I saw I had gone to work at the magazine. When I entered the office a cute new man was sitting on the desk next to mine. Nobody was working. They were talking about people getting the sack and wondering who it would be. Eventually it was the cute one. He was not a new employ but he was working in another office which is why I hadn't seen him before. I was wondering why since he did not look stupid or slow. I was actually thinking that it should have been the illustrator instead. He always looks so bored and half-arsed. Personally I think he is a rather mediocre illustrator as well. I can't remember much but I think I was talking to him asking him how he felt about having lost his job. He was sitting on the floor in front of a door. HE responded he did not care much because he wasn't particularly fond of it anyway.

Last night I saw three dreams I can remember:
In the first one I was at the loo, looking at a postcard while having a rather moist shit. There was a window from which I was looking out at the city below. Suddenly I saw a big chunk of a tall building falling down. Then a whole floor got detached. I called at P. to come and see. I thought it was being demolished. Then another building came down and another and another. I started wondering what was going on; if this was the result of an earthquake and if it would reach us. It was approaching so rapidly I was expecting to feel the tremble at any point now. It never did come that close though. Then we were out on the street with P. Helicopters were flying above us and various other spacecrafts. They were supposed to be the hidden state aircrafts, only to come out in case of terrible emergencies. A very large one that looked like a massive toy spaceship passed above us in a very low height. Its bottom side was flat, it had an almost triangular shape and it was in Lego blue with red and yellow lines and lettering. I could see it very clearly. It was throwing fire balls randomly. We became very alarmed when one shot hit our building. We even thought for a little while it was of alien origin. We run back inside. I had become increasingly worried because I had realized that my sisters house was in the disaster area and I was trying to reach her on her phone, that was dead. Most communications were off though, and so was the television and radio networks. I was thinking of walking there but the hazard was too high. I also had this strange conviction that if something seriously wrong had happened to her I would have felt it. I hoped she had moved. I thought she would had told me if she was moving but on the other hand she might have managed on her own and maybe now she was too busy to inform me about anything. I was trying to learn where exactly the disaster had taken place. I met a girl I used to know and I asked her if she had any news. She told me there had been a revolution and that the state had decided to drown it by demolishing the place where the protesting people had gathered. She said that the first spot they had attacked was exactly the street where my sister lived. It was turned into piles of debris. Tears filled my eyes. I went up to my apartment. Next to us was a clinic, now filled with injured people and others looking for their missing relatives. They were also trying to open our door and come inside to use the bathroom. I passed by them and asked them to leave. I told them it an apartment and not a public loo. A woman pushed me aside but then she said it was too dirty for her to use. I saw it looked really old and it had turned gray. The floor and walls were chipped as well. Eventually it was morning again and in the light of the day I felt sure that my sister was safe. If anything had happened to her my mother would have known and consequentially she would have informed me. I woke up. Head ache. I straitened my pillow and went back to sleep.
I saw I was with my mother and sister in a large square, having coffee. My mom had to leave and I walked her to the bus stop. I was explaining to her the bus route and indicated at an approaching bus. Accidentally I got on as well and it started moving. I wanted to get off and go back to my sister because I had asked her to wait for me there. I had also left with her a leather bag I had made for sale. The bus was going further and further and it would not be easy for me to walk back. Eventually, I got off and started walking back. I was further than I thought. I was asking people for directions but they contradicted each other. I had to pass through a strange atrium of a tall commercial building. Then I had to hurry because I talked with P. on the phone and he said that we would become the god-fathers of our dog. I had to hurry to the airport to catch the first flight if I wanted to be there in time. The dog would have to be wrapped in white towels and be still and silent so as to travel in the plane. The pilot was very co-operative which is why they had to catch this flight. I was bound to be late so we had to fly separately. I met an acquaintance of mine and asked him to give me a ride to the airport. His car was parked outside a large house on a hill, in a suburban area. Some other people, friends of P.'s cousin were on the same flight as me. We all sat together at a compartment with six seats. One of us got up to go get something to drink. A stranger came to take his place. As he was about to sit down I told him the seat was taken. He sat anyway and looked at my with a rather crazy stare. We understood he was mentally disturbed and asked a stuartess to help us. I woke up. I thought of laying there just for a while.
I slept again and dreamt of my friend Ei. We were in their home town, at the top of some stairs about to go down. We were talking about leggings and tights and then I started telling her about my first dream. P. woke up and got up. I asked him for a cup of cocoa and I got out of bed as well.

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