Saturday, 28 May 2011


I saw I was going to a v.i.p. restaurant to attend a dinner with important people. I found the building and went up the stairs. When I reached the top I saw that in order to get in I had to crawl under an iron door. There were two triangular openings, barely large for a full grown person to pass through them. I squeezed through and got to my table. I can't remember much about the dinner. I remember going through the previously mentioned opening multiple times and each time it seemed somehow smaller until I found it rather hard to get my chest through. I thought that I should mention this to whoever was in charge. Large breasted women would find it very hard to get in. Later I saw my sister. She was sitting on a table among friends. I sat down with them. She said I was drunk. I realized I was almost hanging from my chair, about to fall to the ground and I was also half-naked. I felt embarrassed and left. On the street I met an old house-mate of mine, R.. He said that if I did not feel comfortable enough to share a bed with my ex-boyfriend, he could sleep in R.'s room because he would be away for the night. I responded that we were perfectly all right with each other and that it was not a big issue to share a bedroom. I walked to the house and met my friend D. there. I had to go to the basement to turn on the lights from the fuze box. Accidentally I cut the electricity for a moment on the whole building. I heard the sound of Macs restarting. I called out at D. to come and help me. We tried to fix things but it was not an easy task, because the fuze box kept changing shape.
When I woke up I tried to remember how much I had had to drink last night and if I had really met my sister. Soon I realized it was a dream, the first dream I was able to remember after a long time.
I had also seen a very vivid one, with a woman that had got trapped in a lift. I could see her body going up as the lift was descending . In the end I could see only her orange and brown plaid skirt and her old-timish shoes.

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