Sunday, 29 May 2011

Frofessors, zombies and mammys

I dreamt I was flirting with a professor of mine. He looked remotely like Indiana Jones. We were sort of "discussing" on whether it would be appropriate to kiss or not. I was not sure if I wanted to start going out with him but I definitely wanted to kiss him. The thing is that he was so tall that even if I tried I could not make the first move. My head reached as high as his elbow. He was just standing there in front of me, with an enigmatic look on his face, and I was annoyed by the fact that I was unable to do anything. I told him that he was gigantic. He smiled. Then we parted and I met his mother. She was an elegant woman in her mid-fifties.
I was left alone in his house and I started cooking lentils. I discovered he had been copying a book and pasting the pages on the walls around the house. He also had a large pool instead of a bathtub.
Later I joined a group of his students. They were in the back of a van and I helped them get off. I touched playfully one of them and felt his chest bones protruding from his skin. I looked inside his t-shirt and realized he was something between a zombie and a mummy. His face and hands were intact but the skin under his clothes was highly deteriorated. He seemed aggressive, suddenly, and I started running. I passed through a door and when I tried to lock it behind me I accidentally opened it, he saw me and started running towards me. I got through another door in the kitchen and found the prof's mother. I tried to warn her but my words came out muffled.
Then it was peaceful again and I was lone in the house. I checked the food and added some water. Then I saw a baking tray and poured water inside to rinse it. I discover it had some sort of noodles inside and realized I had done something stupid. I poured some of the water out and left as I had found it. Following, I continued reading the copied book. It stopped abruptly. I wanted to read more. It resembled poetry or random beautiful phrases. I would have to wait for him to copy some more. In the meantime he hag got into the pool. I went there and saw him. The pool seemed to change sizes for a little while but I thought I wanted it to be big and I stabilized it there. The shape also changed occasionally from oval to rectangular. I also stabilized it on an almost square shape. He was flowing inside it. I thought that it was my opportunity to be at the same face-height as he was and thus I could kiss him. The water had a yellowish tint and I thought that maybe one of the students had peed inside. Then it changed to violet and I understood it was being lit. Kitch. I was thinking of how I could jump inside. If I walked I could go near and get in gently but if I stood where I was I could jump inside with an impressive somersault and a big splash. At that point I was woken by my dog. She was making moaning noises to wake me up and got excited when I opened my eyes. I wanted to sleep some more.

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