Monday, 13 June 2011

P and I were zombies

I dreamt I was with London. We had stayed for a couple of days in a students residence and we were about to move out and catch a flight to an unknown destination. Suddenly we realized we were broke and we had to find an ATM to get some cash in order to pay our rent. Something went wrong though and P. could not use his card. I had a magnetic one instead of one with a chip. I know that they are not easily accepted in London so I decided to use an ATM. I could not remember my pin though. We were standing next to the information desk trying to solve our problems.

Subsequently we left this place, still trying to get some money somehow. We found ourselves at the beginning of an underground passage that would lead us to the airport. I could not afford a ticket though, so I started looking for another ATM, one that would accept my card without a PIN. We ended standing in a row in a cafeteria. Something went wrong and we were standing on the edge of a huge watery hole that had opened behind us, holding tightly from a balustrade and a rope. It was very hard and people were staring at us, laughing but not helping. Then we fell into the water. We kept sinking deeper and deeper. Our faces started deteriorating. We were being punished and our punishment was to become zombies until we collected some money.

Then we were out on the street again, in our usual forms but still poor. We got into a bar and I was thinking that maybe I could earn something by showing my tits. I saw an aunt of mine sitting on a stool by the bar. I explained my problems to her and asked her to lend my something. She did it and we left. We got into the bar next door and sat among people that were talking loudly.

This is were my dream came to an end

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