Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A new friend

Last night's dream was sexy.

I dreamt I was with my sister and mother. Our mother would leave us and take the bus home. Me and my sister would take the subway. We were in Athens, near the "panepistimio" station. We went down the stairs but realized we didn't have tickets. I asked my sister to wait for me in the platform while I would buy these.

We were in a hurry because a protest was about to take place above us and the tube station might stop functioning. I passed through a complex of staircases and walls and got to the area where from I could by tickets. There were very long ques of people and all the automatic vendors were out of order. I tried going into another room. There I found a couple of functioning machines but they were rather old. I inserted the money and touched the screen so as to get the amount of tickets I wanted. I noticed that the fees had changed and I did not know which to get. I chose the most expensive, just to be on the safe side. In the mean time the station had transformed from an underground one to an overground railway one. I started searching the platforms for my sister, getting increasingly worried as I understood the vastness of the building and that we were also running out of time. I asked a clerk who said that they might have to close down the station early.

As the time passed I thought that my sister might have taken a train without a ticket. I decided to walk to another tube station, where the bus to our home town left from to see if she had got there. What stopped me was the thought that there was a massive demonstration taking place out on the street.

I got out and faced a block of policemen. I lifted my arms and passed through them showing them my hands. Apparently I could not go very far, thus I decided to get back inside the station from another entrance. I found my self once more in a complex of staircases, alcoves and corridors. In a dark corner I met a man that seamed to work for the subway. I told him I had to get either to the platform to find my sister, either to the tube station where my sister would meet my mother. He was thin, not very tall with pointy hair, a charming little triangular beard under his lips and sparkling eyes. There was something bewitching and sinister in the way he was looking at me. I did not feel perfectly safe near him whilst finding him very attractive.

He led me through strange passages and secret doors, hidden behind purple drapes, in a part of the subway that appeared not to be in use any more. It was dusty and I could see the woodwork on the ceiling as well as pipes. Soon I lost my sense of direction and further on I did not know how deep we had got. Finally we got out on the street in an area that reminded me of Soho, London.

It was night time by that point. We were in a narrow street lit with neon inviting lights above suspicious doors. He pulled me near him and took me to a cafe. I asked where we were. He said he would take me to one of the most interesting little shops. I had become less tensed and worried and I let myself be guided. I asked what was the name of the tube there. He said it was the Kitchen station. I looked behind me and indeed I saw the sign that wrote "Kitchen" in the London underground font. I told him it was not were I was supposed to be. He responded that it must have been a misunderstanding then.

We went back inside the tube and soon we were where we got to the bus stop. The protest had been there as well. Yet I could not see the bus anywhere. I supposed that my family had got home safe, because since they had not departed together, either of them would have called me if they hadn't eventually met.

I got back to the first station and met the guy. We embraced and kissed. He let me understand that originally his aim was to destroy me but he had become fond of me in the meantime. I liked him a lot. We were standing there, among people, with his arms around me, looking at each other when I saw my previous boyfriend. I thought that from sear solidarity he wouldn't tell P. anything about it. Just to be sure I asked him not to. He was eating a sandwich and was talking about something else he had eaten in a trip he had made recently. He told me we were late and that D. with whom I was supposed to be flatmates again, was waiting for me to have coffee. I told my new friend that we would meet soon and left.

I met D. among other friends in a cute pink cafe, near our new house. She said she had accidentally set fire to our living room and suggested that I go there to see the damage and count my money to see if I had it all. The house was just around the corner so I went there. I saw that it was not the living room that had been on fire but the kitchen. It looked slightly chagrined and futuristic. All the devised were smoked but I could still see the black steel and the chromium under the smudge. It was nothing to worry about. I did not have any money in the house that could get burnt, and my dog was intact.

I left the house and went back to the cafe to tell them about my amazing new friend. I woke up thinking about it and if I should consider it cheating. I decided that maybe but never to mind. I slept some more, lightly this time, thinking that I should get up to keep a record of the dream. I made my self some coffee and baked a feta cheese tortilla.

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