Monday, 27 June 2011

chinese wee and circus freaks

This morning I had one of the strangest dreams.

I saw that I had agreed to go and work in my fathers workshop while he would be absent. In the dream it was located to the outskirts of a town. There were two separate spaces, formed like cubicles, but their walls were old wooden bookshelves enclosing desks with lots of rusty old things on top. He also had two apprentices the wore dirty overalls.

In order to get there I had to pass by a garage. The road that passed in front of the building was hectic with traffic, so I was obliged to stand there for a couple of minutes so as to get the opportunity to get to my job safe. The garage was owned by a Chinese that peed on me once. He starting urinating in front of me and then started aiming further and further until a few drops fell on my legs. I did not particularly disgusted but I got really angry. The same thing happened on the second day as well. He had an awful grin on his face as he was doing his extraordinary stunt- after all, he could hit a target with his wee within a distance of three metres if not more- while I was asking him to stop doing this. I got to my work rather annoyed and as soon as I got there I saw a very peculiar crowed looking for me. They looked like circus people. There was a small man in a tall hat and brownish/gray/ greenish clothes. He could move very fast and followed me where ever I went. I was sitting on my desk and he was looking over my shoulder and as I turned my head away from him, he would be facing me behind my other shoulder. This man wanted something from me. He would not say clearly what it was though.

At the same time I had an exhibition taking place in the building behind me. It looked like a massive post-industrial barn. A big crowed had gathered and they were sitting on long benches as if in a traditional feast. I approached my old professor of aesthetics to ask about the sort of work she would like me to present. I found it hard to locate her because her appearance had changed. She looked very thin and small. She was in a flowery dress and had bright orange curly hair. I went near and she burst out crying that non of us really cared about her. She jumped on one of her friends, L.,and got into a paper bag. I looked inside it and saw that she had decreased even further in size, she was sobbing and she was practically blond apart from a miniature mohawk of the previously mentioned bright curly hair. I left her there because she was too upset to speak and I had my circus-freak stalker right after me.

I got into the attached house because I had stored my work in the attic. I was accompanied by an unknown girl that was supposed to be the younger sister of a friend of mine. The house was roomy and was decorated as if it was 1990. I found the ladder that would lead me to the attic. At the bottom I met my friends from high-school. None of them payed much attention to me though and anyway I was in a hurry. I walked up the stairs and got into a strange room. It was rather clean, filled with old furniture and objects. I found my stuff and picked them up so as to curry them downstairs. Before I got going I looked through a tilting window that was high enough for me to have to stretch to see through it. I saw that the dark had fallen. I could also see a big flower bed. Next to it was standing a friend with whom I recently had a fight. As soon as I saw him I hid my face. I looked outside again and saw one of his best friends. I waved at him and nodded that I would explain things later.

Before I left the room I put on a pair of soft sunglasses I found on a piano by the door. On the stairs I met the mother of the house, who was the mother of a fellow student of mine from primary school. I haven't met the woman since then. I asked her if it was her sunglasses and if I could borrow them until the next day. She responded affirmatively.

I woke up soon after this. I slept some more but can't remember anything else.

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