Sunday, 19 June 2011

The rusty ship-like building

I dreamt I was at college. I was looking for a new space within which I could work. My pathway leader, J., showed up and led me to the area designed for me. I hated it because it was on a veranda of some sort. I usually work sitting down and I also like my space to be really clean, so I was really annoyed by this decision. Further on I would certainly freeze during the winter. He told me not to worry too much about that because the college's funding had been cut down and thus, there would be no heating for anyone. He also mentioned it was a good spot because his father had his studio there, to the attached building and I would be able to talk to him and ask for advice.

Then I heard somebody calling my name. I got through a door to an external corridor and met my professor of aesthetics. The whole building looked old, industrial and rusty. It resembled and old ship.
The woman told me that the school had huge issues because the new minister of education considers it useless and that we might loose our degrees. I asked if this would have any consequences in my carrier as a practitioner apart from the fact that I would not be able to teach. As I was thinking about it later I realized I was not in any real trouble because my high-school marks were high enough to keep me in the job.

Subsequently, I found myself on the street. The atmosphere was gloomy. I was walking around this industrial area when I got to a building I really liked. I understood it was the main building of the school of Fine Arts and swore at my luck for being located to the secondary, not so nice one. In the meantime I talked to my sister and she informed me that on this night there would be a strange phenomenon that would render me completely dangerous, so if nothing more I would have to be strapped down until the following day. We arranged an appointment and I got moving.

I kept walking and walking but not getting to my destination, while the dark started falling. And then something strange happened. I got stubbed in the neck. My blood started pouring. I saw the big splashes of blood that formed a trail behind my feet, as I was dragging my self in the empty city. I was not feeling faint, or pain and I realized I would not die. Soon the blood that was flowing started clotting. It was dark.

That's about all.

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