Wednesday, 15 June 2011

It all started with me being slightly late for class. I was going to teach drawing. I had my dog with me, except for that it had duplicated. I was walking with two dogs that looked exactly the same. One of them was walking calmly by my feet but the other one was running around. I cought the berserk dog and told it off. It spat in my mouth. I started spiting back at it. I got to the college where I teach after passing through a large square that reminded me of my home town. One of the dogs got away but I was over an hour late, so I did not sit to wait for it. I went upstairs and the secretary told me off for being so late. I told her I had called and spoken to another girl I did not know. She responded that she had probably forgotten to let them know and that thus it was not my fault. She also told me that i would have to share the class with other people giving exams. I did not like this one bit.

I got into a crowded classroom. My students had been forced to sit apart from one another. I did not like this either. Then I started building our composition but an annoying woman told me I could not do this because it would distract her students. She showed me some ceramic vessels stalked on each other. I don't know what was the purpose of it. I started speaking loudly to my students while the rest of the teachers gave me looks of disapproval. I walked out of the class and asked for my lesson to get rescheduled because apparently I could not teach under these circumstances.

I left there and met with P. I told him I had lost one of the dogs but that it was probably fulling around in the neibourhood and that it would come back sooner or later.

Then, I was at a party with my sister and her friends. The atmosphere was joyful and I saw a couple of nice faces as well. At some point a rather handsome guy came crawling under the chairs where we were sitting. I leaned backwards and approached his face. I was bent in a way so that my face was upside down. We kissed. I got up and continued talking casually. I also remember talking to my ex-boyfriend and my friend D. K. was talking about his prospective studies. I was telling him that all will be all right. The time passed and we left.

After this I was in a bus with P. We had to catch a train but our point of departure as well as our destination were not precise. Then the bus was empty and P. was driving it. Apparently we had borrowed it without asking anyone. I wondered if this was a good idea or if it was punishable. We stopped at a designated stop and he thought of leaving it there. I suggested that we took it where buses were usually parked. We started driving again. We thought that maybe we could pick up people from stops and not ask them to validate their tickets. We drove on a large black street that curved slightly to the left and then to the right. We were within city limits- I knew because I could see tall concrete blocks in the skyline but we were driving among small green hills. It was as if the road was barricaded by those hills.

I remembered I had left my sister's umbrella somewhere and that if I was about to leave for a long time I should give it back to her. It was a small pink umbrella and I had left it at M.'s house. a friend of my sister and I don't know her very well. I had the keys to her apartment and I expected her to be away. I got into the building and started looking for her door. I saw some women getting out of an elevator and I tried to act as if I knew where I was going. In reality I was looking at the bells so as to locate the right the right one. I found one that had "Kalamari" written on it and thought it was the one. All I had to do was to try the keys to the door. I was thinking that if it was the right one I would not raise any suspicions but what if it was the apartment of one of the women that were standing n the lobby looking at me. I tried the key and it fitted. I opened the door and saw M. on her bed with someone. I saw her slender back half-exposed under blue sheets. I also heard my name from lots of people and understood that there was also a crowd sitting in the living room. I did not find this awkward but felt ashamed that I had walked into this girl's house uninvited and caught her in a private moment. I said I was an idiot and that I was so sorry for not ringing the bell but I thought that no one would be there. They did not seem to mind me as much but still I felt like an awful intruder. I kept saying what an arse-hole I had been as I was closing the door behind me. Despite the fact that I had not walked in and had closed the door almost instantly after opening it I had managed to get the umbrella.

I woke up.

Yesterday I dreamt of P.s mother giving us vegetables. I could not eat them though because they would go off instantly. I saw rocket and tomatoes and various kinds of fruit but they were all moldy.

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