Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I was a man

I dreamt a lot. I saw I dropped my phone while I was walking down a street that had an extreme angle. It rolled down and gained such speed that it started creating sparks and set a by-standing dog on fire. I suppose it did not feel right in my sleep to see that cruel image and the dog stopped burning and was back to normal. When my phone fell I was carrying a massive package. Next to me was a large-built man that was carrying an even bigger one. I dreamt I was moving and I had forgotten to load a few of my things within the other packets. It was kind of dark where I was and I could not see very well- it also felt as if I was outdoors- and I had found a big black bag with a lot of things of mine that I had forgotten they existed. I think it was mostly toys and not things of great value but I wanted to take some of them anyway. I kept packing them and they kept appearing and increasing in quantity. Most of them were balloons with some liquid inside, semi-transparent and in very odd and gruesome shapes. Some looked like sea creatures and one was a half-moon with bizarre facial characteristics, some were like babies etc. Some of them had been pierced and cold liquid would come out. I would leave the broken ones behind but I found more and more that I wanted to keep. I ended up with a very big parcel and various smaller ones. I cried for help, as there were various people around me. The previously mentioned large-built man came to my assistance. We tried to go through a near by night-club. We went up some stairs and then stopped as we had to climb a wall. My friend fell like a sack next to me and as I grabbed the edged of the wall to get on it the ground left under my feet and I was left hanging there. There was a group of people on the wall and I begged them to pull me up but they payed no attention to me no matter how loud I cried and tried to pull my self up. One of them that was wearing an old-school gray sweat-shirt seemed to want to help me for a little but then he sat back down. All of them were large and I am a rather small person so I could not understand why they would not lift me up. I got off and woke up my partner. We decided to take the longer route and walk around the block. Then we got to that steep street.
I also dreamt that I had gone to the hospital. It was a woman's hospital. They gave me a bed in a rather long room with six or seven beds divided by small bed-side tables. It was narrow so there was only a small corridor left from the feet-side of the beds to the opposite wall. It was on the ground floor, with lots of windows and a door leading directly outside the hospital to a small alley. I had met an inmate and I was told I could go out when ever I wanted through that room without being caught by the hospital stuff. So I did. I had a date I think. I got out but I had forgotten to change my clothes. I started undressing there on the street. I was wearing only my lower underwear when a hobo came near and started searching my clothes with the intention to take them. Another man was looking at me in an indiscreet manner. He lifted his hand towards me and I started yelling for mercy and that I was pregnant. He would not believe me though. I was saved by a man with whom I seemed to have developed romantic feelings. I think we took a stroll and then I got back to the hospital. My mother came to see me after a while. It was all very strange there and I did not know why I had been admitted there. I escaped and left. In the next scene I remember my self in I was a man. It was not exactly me as I could see the character that was me, as an external observer. I was standing on the deck of a ship that was about to depart from a very small harbor. The weather was very gloomy and the sea had big waves. The man I met outside the hospital came near me. I told him I could no longer pretend I could have children because I was a man and men can't be pregnant. He tried to convince me not to leave but I was determined to change my life. It was a very romantic scene and I was observing my self as a man. I was not beautiful, I had a few hair and I was wearing an awful denim jacket. I did not look at all like I do in the face. I woke up and slept some more but the rest of my dreaming sessions did not leave any other clear memories.

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