Thursday, 10 February 2011


I dreamt I was dreaming I was driving side by side with my friend Ei. The sensation was as if I was playing "Daytona"-an old arcade driving game- with the camera set on the front of the car. In other words I could not see it; it was just the road in front of me but I was steering the wheel and everything. I knew I was dreaming because as we were driving on a complex of highways, where as Ei.'s car went straight ahead I lost control of mine and went off the road and, instead of falling, I kept moving in the air until I landed smoothly on another road. I kept driving.
Later I saw I had to go to a museum for a job of some sort. The scenery looked remotely like the beach of Brighton. I noticed I was barefoot. The weather was neither hot nor cold but I was afraid I would catch a cold as the sun would go down later if I kept walking around in this manner. I was late, though, apparently for some appointment and did not know if I had enough time to go home and put on a pair of shoes. I kept walking and I came upon Ei. again. She told me she was going to meet some people that lived on a slop where the houses were built very close to each other, almost surrounded by a forest and none of the streets were parallel or vertical. I told her it was easy to get lost around there and asked if she would like me to escort her, because I had been there in many of my dreams and I knew how to get around. She responded that she knew it was dodgy but she believed she would manage. We parted and I started walking towards my house in my place of birth this time. A motorcycle passed by me and I tripped and fell. The motorcycle stopped and a man came near me to help me up. He asked if I was all right. I said I was fine but he kept his arm around my shoulders. I felt annoyed. He had similar features as an old acquaintance of mine. At first I thought he might be his father but then I remembered that he was an orphan. That guy also appeared there and they started pulling me with his father. I fought back with as much strength as I had. I noticed that we were opposite my grandmother's house and I started pulling them towards the door. They kept me tight but I did manage to move the complex we formed close enough so as to ring the bell. I was also screaming and crying out for help. My grandmother's house has a big glass door in a mezzanine space that separates her house and her daughter's. I saw my aunt coming towards the door. She had her bright slutty-pink lip-stick on, smudged around her mouth so as to make her thin lips look full. She had a sedated grin on her face and she was wearing a 1960's american propaganda outfit with a white apron tight around her waist.
I woke up because the dog was barking.

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