Thursday, 17 February 2011

Young Inuki

Yesterday I saw I was in the toilet of an office, probably, and I was painting my eyes with the secretary's eye-liner. It was very nice and it did not each at all but it was huge and I occasionally dropped it. It was as big as an electric toothbrush but three times as heavy. I got out before I managed to do both eyes and did not succeed in going back in but I thought it was all right and that I would do it later in the day in my own house.
Last night I saw I was in an academic institution and I had taken my dog with me. She was still a small puppy and terribly afraid of everyone, so she was hiding under the furniture and would bark at people that approached her. I took her and started walking home. I noticed she was not wearing her collar and I just put her leash around her neck. I was among friends but I can't remember who they were. I was on my bicycle and I thought that if I went slow enough she would be able to follow without getting tired. It was night-time. We set off. The street was full of fast-moving cars and I was afraid she might get hit by a careless driver. She looked very nervous. A big track passed right next to her but did not touch her. Then she stopped abruptly and broke the leather handle of the leash. I stopped and got off the bicycle. I tried holding her by the chain but it kept slipping from my hands. I tired turning it around a couple of times. Them we were almost outside my mothers house. We had to walk more. A neighbor came near and told me to leave her walk on her own so as to learn. I responded that she was very small and that the next street we would have to cross was usually very busy and it was dangerous. He was not persistent and let us go on with our business.
I think that's about it. I'm sure things preceded those scenes but I can't remember anything more.

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