Monday, 14 February 2011


In the middle of the night I woke up scared because I had just seen a nightmare. I remember nothing of it now, though. Furthermore I am in a bit of a hurry because I woke up slightly later than I should and have to go to work.
I actually woke up at half-past eight, that was fine, but it was too cold to get out of bed so I slept for another half an hour.
I also dreamt that I was with my friend Ei. She had invited us to her house to spend some days. Her folks were away so there was plenty of space. She had offered me and P. a room with a double bed. I don't think we met much but we had pasta with pesto. In our room was a strange device that functioned with water. One of its pipes started leaking one day and we put a plastic bowl under it. Later, at some point that we went into our room we noticed a crack on the ceiling and then it started coming down as if it was a plastic sheet full of water. I showed it to P. and I suggested that we informed the people upstairs that they too had a leak and that their floor that was our ceiling was heavily damaged.
We were walking around the apartment when we noticed that there were people sleeping everywhere. They would open their eyes for a split second, give us a quick look and go back to sleep. We started looking for Ei. to ask if her family had returned and if we should leave them alone. We found everyone in the kitchen cooking and sat down to eat with them. It proved they were other friends of hers that had arrived unexpectedly and stayed over to sleep. The table was small, it had room only for four people but the rest were dormant anyway. I got a packet of feta cheese out of the fridge and decided to wash it. Another guy was using the sink and I washed it over his head and he had bent so much his face was almost inside. When I put the cheese back on the table I noticed it was brown and resembled chocolate cake. I wondered why and if it had been colored from the packaging. We laughed about this for a little.
I also saw I was putting on my blue kimono for some occasion and talking about it.
Further-more, I dreamt, at some other point, that I was on Summer vacation with my mother and we were sitting in the shallowest part of the sea. There was a boy that was somebody's brother and my mom left me alone to flirt with him but I felt shy and half-sunk my head in the water when he walked towards me. Then I was just standing at the shore of a ocean, looking at the surfers and thinking I was afraid to get inside and swim because of the waves. Somebody provoked me to get in and said it was nothing to be afraid of anyway, but when I looked inside it was full of garbage, sharp pieces of metal and glass bottles.

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