Monday, 21 February 2011


I am about to go to sleep in a few minutes but I shall finish my morning post first. I saw I was in Th. with K. and his friend E. and D. was there as well. It was the carnival and I was walking around. At some point there appeared a big crowd, dancing and throwing confetti in the air. I was near a harbor of some sort. I think I remember the ships, mostly their masts as they were small vessels, not for business related use. I was left alone to roam around but K.found me after a while, when I was surrounded by a big crowd and a bit overwhelmed by it, and he told me he was with E. and D. I went with him and met them under a weird construction one of them had. It was like a glass box with wooden frames, on wheels, like those small portable vitrines that some street merchants of traditional sweets used to have. We all got under it and observed the joyful crowd from there. The dancing people were not aggressive. Yet it felt odd to be around them as if they were the participants of some religious feast, caught up in their sacred parade of happy maniacs. All of us were mere observers, not really wanting to be part of it all. I think I lost my acquaintances and met them again many times, without recalling what took place during the intervals. Then I saw I was in a room with beds. My dog was there and I smelled pee suddenly. I looked around and saw that she had done her number one on a thick carpet that covered the floor and on my robe. I tried to scold her but it seamed fruitless. I tried to hit her but my strikes did not have any impact.
This is all I can remember now. I probably had more images in my mind when I woke up but it has been a busy day and I have forgotten most of it.

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