Wednesday, 2 February 2011

the RGB serum

I dreamt I was at a summer resort. There were various old acquaintances of mine, from previous jobs and schools. I met a nice tall stranger, not so dark, as absent-minded and I took a fancy to him. Then suddenly I was reminded that I had to fly back to continue my Master's course. I became rather anxious and started packing my suitcases. We had to take a bus to go to the airport. Our airplane would take off at half-past ten, so we had to be there by nine-thirty. I was very nervous because I would arrive rather late and I would have to find my new lodgings, were I had never been before. I knew my new room was somewhere near the central/eastern part of the city but since I had never been there before I did not feel as comfortable looking for it in the middle of the night. I thought for a little while of calling my friend B.and ask her if I could crash her living room. Then I thought of asking my friend D. to stay with her for the night. I did not know if she would be on the same flight that I was though. I asked for advice from a girl that resembled either M.a girl I knew from the course, or D., a girl I used to work with. They are both on the chubby side and not very sympathetic. She was vexed with me because she fancied the same boy, that was actually coming along, and she told me she would be staying in D.'s house with the boy and that she didn't know whether there would be enough space. I was far to nervous to mind her smallness of character. I had to pack so many things in so little time. I went into my mother's house and started packing. Finally I took my back-pack at the back side of a motel near the sea, at a parking lot near the highway. There were three small coaches. I thought we would depart any time soon but I understood that they would call us. I spent my time aimlessly looking around. When the time had passed and I was afraid that we would be late I walked towards the coaches where I was informed that they would carry only our luggage to the airport and that we would have to wait for the local bus. As we were standing on the bus stop I realized I had left my map behind! I panicked because despite the fact I had learned to walk around without it, it had been some time since I had last been there and I was not sure if I could find my way around in the middle of the night without one. The bus would be there any time now and it was late already. I rushed back in the house, from the back yard, got fast into my room and started looking for the little blue book. Non of my books was were it was supposed to be and I could not see it anywhere. What's more, I had got into a dark room with my sunglasses on (a pair of old-school RayBan, black) so I couldn't see almost anything. I tried lifting them from my eyes but they kept falling on my nose. I turned on the light but it did not bring any great improvement. I calmed down and thought that it was among my sketchbooks. I looked for them and spotted it.
As I was running back to the bus stop I heard the vehicle stopping. I tried to run as fast as I could but my feet were moving extremely slow and the distance kept becoming bigger and bigger.I heard my friends calling at the driver that I was almost there and to wait for me because he had been late already and he was not to be judgmental because of this. I was running for what seamed like ages and just before I got o n the doors sat in front of my eyes. I kept running after it and waving my hands! I could see the bus-driver, that looked like Benicio Del Torro, smirking. The bus suddenly turned and was coming towards me. The driver told the passengers that it was made from aloe-vera and to wait and see what would come to me. The bus grew a big rubber hand that got me. It was out-stretched and I had to hold tight on it so as not to fall. The driver told me that this was how I would be traveling. I was shouting and screaming. The bus stopped and the driver got off. I fell on the floor and started begging him to let me get on. I was crying desperately because I did not want to lose my flight and spend my night alone in the airport waiting for the next one. I fell on my knees and begged with my arms over my head. Then I got connected with a gigantic liquid serum bottle in RGB plus yellow. The colours were floating separately down the tube that was connecting it to my hand. I was observing this nad then I woke up.

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