Thursday, 3 February 2011

Drunk police officer

I can't remember when or where it all started but I found myself in a bar among friends and other people. We were sitting around a big, long, table smoking and drinking. I saw a friend I wanted to talk to and we decided to find a nice, more quiet spot to chat for a little while. I must have been a trifle tipsy because I remember feeling rather cheerful and social. I opened a door and saw a very young police officer, profoundly drunk, sitting on a chair that was almost blocking the door. I asked them to excuse me and I tried to squeeze through. The police officer caught my arm and pulled me toward his direction. I tried to go away but he kept grabbing and pulling me towards him. It was a slow fight, in which we tried not to hurt each other while he wanted me to go nearer and I wanted to get away, almost as if it was choreographed. He was very strong and the moment I set one of my limbs free he would catch me from another. I ended up with my waist stuck between his knees, facing him and with his feet closed behind me. I breathed out, stopped struggling, and sat on his out-stretched legs, keeping a cafe distance. He would ask about this and that and I gave mock answers. At some point I noticed that my leg was showing and it was unshaven. I told him that I had more hair on my leg than he did and he looked at it with an amazed look. I also showed him my arms. He smiled and said it had to do with an enzyme that he had as well and that his legs and arms, too, were as hairy as mine while he did not have any other body hair. As we were talking I saw that he looked like a guy I fancied for a short period of time in high-school. He leaned forward with his lips protruding for a kiss and as I turned my head to avoid it, despite the fact that I had started sort of sweet about the boy, I saw a friend of my x with a camera in his hand about to take a shot of the forthcoming scene. I got up instantly, pointing my finger at him in a scholarly fashion and said "what do you think you are doing there?". His girlfriend that was sitting opposite him scolded him too. Everyone looked happy and drunk. I went back in the bar where a band had started to play and on the side of the stage I saw my best friend G. He was shaking slightly and had his characteristic drunken smile. I went past a few more people that I haven't seen in ages and went near him. HE came along, I grabbed my tobacco and asked my friend Ei. to come along to his house for a nice old-times chat.

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