Monday, 25 April 2011


I'm in P.'s back yard. Actually, I'm in his recently deceased grandfather's back yard, collecting sun. It's supposed to be therapeutic for my condition. Apart from the fact that I can't see the screen clearly, it feels good.

I dreamt I was in a nightclub. It was full of show people and performers. Everybody were slim, tall and glamorous. I could see people dancing and enjoying their drinks, with sunglasses on. I pushed my way out and got in a taxi. It was dark. There were other passengers as well. We drove towards P.'s neighborhood in his hometown. I asked the driver to let me off a couple of blocks away.

Next, I found myself in an apartment. There were some people among whom was K. We had a small dispute between joke and reality and I turned towards him and told him that he did not really love me neither of the times. He gave me an odd look and I felt that I had done something wrong. I walked off by a porch.

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