Saturday, 16 April 2011

In. built a platform

The day before yesterday I saw I had put on a very nice coat. It was too big for me and it looked funny. It was made of various fabrics, in dark colours, black, brown, maroon and purple tartan. The shoulders were very broad and it gave a pointy overall impression. I especially liked the pockets and its hind side. On the back it was wavy circular and the pockets were thick. I can't remember anything else but that I put it on and started laughing.
Yesterday I saw I was with I., our dog. Something happened and she gained some strange, extra-terrestrial capabilities when ever there was lightning. She started building a platform. At first it was very small. We sat there on our own on pillows and fabrics. There was a lightning and she made it bigger. She wanted to wee and I sprayed some water for her wee to be washed off. The water started flowing towards our pillows and fabrics and I had to re-arrange them. Later we went to a party with P. It was in A.'s house. His new girlfriend was there. She had shoulder-length black hair and she was tall. Her brother was there as well and he, also , had long black hair and was tall. We were in a half-furnished, low-lit living room. The couple were on a divan attached to the wall on my left hand side. The door was on their left. P. and I were sitting on a couch. Next to us was a door that led into the next room and opposite us was another couch on which were sitting the girls brother and some other people. They reminded me terribly of my friend Th. I asked if they had a brother named Th. They said they heard that often but did not really respond to my question. P. got up and left and A. came near me. He did not sit on the couch but sat with his knees bent in front of me. He asked how I was doing and if everything was all right. We chatted for a couple of moments and he went back to his girl. It was getting very late (it would be dawn soon) and we decided to leave. We got out. The street was very crowded; cars were passing by while shit-faced adolescents were trying to cross the street. There were also policemen around and a general roar of dispute. We sneaked behind their backs because we were terribly intoxicated and we wanted to drive home. I felt my eyes itching to they point they they felt shrunk. We escorted a girl that was with us to her house. She leaved in a near-by building. We were impressed by how central her house was but it was on the ground flour and she seemed not to particularly like it. We left her there and walked home. It was much closer than I thought. It was just behind the railroad trucks. P. had taken the car there earlier. It was blue and it looked retro, like a 1940's car. We were about to go snog a little but then we were again on the previously mentioned platform. It was several floors high now. We were standing on the top of it but the woods that were forming it had started to disintegrate and we had to be very cautious on our step. Suddenly a whole opened and a woman (I can't remember if it was me) in a fin de ciecle dress fell through. She was caught and did not fall. P. woke me up.

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