Wednesday, 20 April 2011

three in a row

I have had terrible difficulty in convincing myself to get out of bed during the last weeks. In addition to this I can't remember my dreams and when I do I am too bored to write them down. But today's was a keeper. I have forgotten half of it because I half-woke up and then I was dreaming I was writing about it and it got further complicated.

It all started in a cottage in an isolated small village I had gone to visit with P. We were staying in a house, that resembled my mother's, that somebody we did not know so well had lent us. We had a big bag of green with us and were about to get down to business when we heard sounds from the back yard. I went out to check and I saw some people at the door about to get in. I told P. about it and approached them to ask what it was they wanted. I thought they might be policemen. P. came out with a plastic bag he through casually at the plants. I knew what the content was and fell insecure. We chatted a bit further and then they probably left. I remember chatting with another man that had also moved recently to this village. I was not particularly fond of him as he was one of these people that brag about everything and preach hippism. He was saying he had constantly visitors comming to his house from his previous life and what a great time they have all together in the dump he called home. I think that something strange happened then and we found ourselves in a pub, sitting on a bench with other people. I remember wooden walls and going through a door and something very odd and metaphysical taking place that was related with the excavation of various objects from boxes stored in a hole in the ground. My father showed up and managed to fix everything right with an incantation.

Subsequently, I remember being in a beach. The landscape was rather peculiar. There was soft sand and the water was shallow for miles. There were small sandy reefs very close to the beach that was formed by small pools. I was walking around trying to find a spot where I would have enough space. It was not really crowded but it seamed as if every swimmer had a private pool only for themselves. I checked a place that was not occupied but there were urchins in there. I kept walking around.

Then I saw fabrics. They were coming out of holes and forming dogs. I had to collect them but it was a difficult and complicated task.

Also, some days ago I dreamt I was four months pregnant. My tummy had become quit large. I wanted to keep the baby but I did not know if this was possible due to my condition. I wanted to talk about it with my doctor but instead I saw I was sitting with my old professor of sculpture, asking his opinion and describing the situation to him.

Another day I saw that there were large boxes in the corners of the room, in which were super heros. I could see them re-assemble from spare parts.

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