Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I. could speak

A few days ago I dreamt that I had to sacrifice my dog. In the same dream I saw that I was looking at my self in the mirror when I noticed that my hair had grown so much longer and that I had accidentally dyed more than my fringe. All the hair under the fringe were in a strange vibrant orange colour. I lifted them up and made a huge double bun on the top of my head. I was looking for my sister to show her that I could have been a member of the Adam's family. Then I saw that my dog had been possessed and I was told by some people that were there that I should e the one to kill her. I had to lure her near and then go through a sanctification process. I had chocolate on my fingers and I led her closer by letting her lick it off. Then they told me to pass my hand under her tummy and lift her up. I did all these. Subsequently we put her in a box. She was looking at me calmly while blue sparks left her body. I was feeling very depressed and guilty. This creature had been so loyal and despite the fact she would turn evil she had trusted me completely and I had led it to its death. Fortunately it was nothing but a bad dream.

Yesterday I also dreamt of Inuki. She was starting to speak. She would mime sounds like a Myna bird, but they made sense. She would say some words in the same manner she understands instructions. I was very proud and we were talking about it with P.

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