Tuesday, 26 April 2011

factory of oddities

I saw I was working in an office and I resigned. I found myself invited for an interview in one of the most bizarre places I have ever dreamed of. All the scenery reminded me of the charming, dreary old London. I got into a big room with a desk behind which a woman was sitting. I was feeling nervous because there were more people sitting on a couch opposite her. She had some dossiers in front of her but no c vs were visible. She asked me what I had studied and I explained, mentioning that my current practice involves more painting that sculpture. She looked discontent and said she did not know if I would be a good enough painter, not having studied this subject in a school. I got irritated and started explaining that my studies were not exclusive in sculpture and that I have also studied history of art and been in various workshops, until I got angry and questioned her ability to judge. The people on the couch gave me approving looks. Then the appearance of the space was completely different. I was in a bigger space, siting on a couch. The women I used to work with in my previous job were sitting beside me. There was a young man at the desk. While he was asking questions I felt more and more sleepy. I could hardly keep my eyes open. I think I must have dozed off because I opened my eyes and I saw that I was sitting next to a middle-aged man, with white hair, going bald, and reading glasses. He was supposed to be my previous employer. I asked if I had fainted and he responded positively. I said I must be anemic but I knew it was something else. I thought I might have been dragged. It was a very odd place anyway. I did not know what kind of job I had applied for but the walls were painted in vibrant colours and there were bubble gum and lollipop stickers everywhere. All employs were dressed in beautiful dark blue coats that were similar to the one I am usually wearing but they also looked like doctor's coats. I got up to see the interviewer because I was sitting on the far end of the couch and there was a pillar in front of me. I could hear people saying "well done, Gr., you will be the one to take the job." Indeed he asked me to return the next day at ten o'clock in the morning. As I was leaving I remembered that I could not do that because I had my final exams on this date and time. I tried to find somebody to ask to start working the day after. I spoke to a woman, to whom I explained that I had finished with all my studies but that I had to go through these exams so as to validate my degree in my native country, as well. She gave me a look of discontempt. I said I could be there by noon. She thought about ti for a little while and gave me the permission unwillingly. I left.
I had to return in the afternoon because there would be a get-together party for the employs. As I was approaching the place I met my sister. I wanted to go buy some noodles and she was also going to the super market. I suggested that we went there together, later and that she joined me for a pint in the pub under my new working place. She was reluctant at first but agreed in the end. We went inside and sat on a small table The place was not particularly crowded. A couple of people I was supposed to have met earlier approached us and asked if I had finally got the job. We left to go get our noodles. It was a nice neighborhood with big houses with loan and hedges on the front. Luxurious old black cars were passing in the road. One took a sudden turn and I pulled my sister towards the pavement. As we were walking we met some Korean girls we knew, that were also attending the party later. We all went back together. One of them was wearing a blouse with a very open v-shaped neck that went all the way down to her tummy and a striped black and gold tie as a brazier. I made a comment on this.
My alarm clock went off at 8 o'clock. I saw all the previously mentioned between that time and 8:05 when it went of again.
I turned the snooze function off and went back to sleep. I saw I had left the previous place and I was walking down a more Mediterranean looking street. I met a girl that despised me in high-school. She bragged about her fathers new restaurant and since we were standing just outside she invited me in. It was a massive building, as big as three three-room apartments in a row. Apparently he had bought a few shops, joined them and made this monstrosity. I absolutely hated it. It looked so fake, ordinary, cheap and out of sync with the rest of the area. I could see bits and pieces of the older buildings and was wondering what twat of an engineer had designed this stupidity. It was shinny brown with lots of wooden massif doors.
This is as much as I can remember so far. After a while I was waking up, describing my dream to my self and sleeping lightly again, until I decided it was time to face reality and get out of bed. Crap.

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