Saturday, 23 April 2011

a picture of a rainbow

I dreamt I was learning a therapeutic/promotional process that involved forming an image. I was working with an instructor that was asking me questions and according to my response he altered the picture. It was meant to show me the process of achieving my goal by posing questions that guided my answers. The picture that was supposed to be formed was a particularly happy one with a naive rainbow and the sort.
I also dreamt that I went to a bank and I was very stoned. I felt awkward because it was very tight security-wise. I had to fill-in forms with my personal information and I was afraid I would do something wrong and be accused. It was also rather hard to keep up with the clerk that was helping me as he was constantly changing desk and was leaving my papers in the previous one, so I had to go and interrupt other customers to get them back.
I woke up thinking of the song "magnificent seven" by the Clash.

Yesterday I dreamt again I was pregnant but the dream was an adventure style one. I told P. about it when I woke up but I can't remember anything now.

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