Thursday, 28 April 2011

P. was pregnant.

I think it is really odd how I can remember so many details from my dreams during the first minutes when I wake up but they disappear from my mind within the time it takes me to make something to drink and sit in front of the computer.

Last night I saw that P. was pregnant. His tummy had become round. We had not questioned this strange occurrence. We went to a pharmacy and they gave me a strange instrument for my wisdom teeth. It looked like a small tool used by tailors to remove threads, one that looks like a small fork, with one "tooth" sorter that the other. On the top of its edges it had two small colourful orbs. I think they were red. I placed it in my mouth as indicated. I could not really talk with it in there and decided to remove it. The bloody thing was stuck. I pulled forcefully but it felt as if I was pulling my teeth along! I managed to take it out and observed that the orbs had disappeared. I thought it must have magnetized the core of my teeth. The pharmacist's assistant said that these instruments were obsolete because they did not do much good and on the contrary, they could damage teeth. We started talking about P.'s pregnancy. I was wondering how and when he had obtained a uterus. He said he hadn't, that he had become pregnant just like that. The assistant agreed with me that there could be no pregnancy without a uterus and suggested that he went to get an ultra-sound so as to see exactly what was happening in his abdomen. In the mean time the assistant was opening boxes that contained the previous instrument in various sizes. He took out a particularly long one and he said that it was a means of contraception and if I would like to test it. I declined the offer and stayed there sitting on a white chair. A group of girls came through the door. One of them was not feeling so well. We started talking and found out that we had all been working for S.- my last employer in Th.- and that we all had a leather bag, made from scrap pieces taken from this shop. They all looked different as each of us had made it in our own style. I remember a big dark blue bag and a red and yellow one. They all looked good.

Later I saw I was walking on the street and dark was falling slowly. I was walking by a wide road and there were bushes and something like a small park on my left hand side. I think I was heading towards my sister's. I passed outside a large building and went in. There was a large central open yard. It was very crowded. There were dozens of hipsters sitting all around. I decide to linger and find out what this place was. I am not particularly fond of neo-hippies but it did not feel that exclusive. I started talking to people and they informed me that they were living all together there. It was a squat. They did communal dinners and spend time together. It did not seam so bad, at least not as bad as it sounds. I decided to spend some time there. I started talking to a writer. He said he wrote theatre plays. He asked if I would like to see one of them on stage. I said I would. I promised to go back and I left. I was walking towards my sisters again when I saw a big crowd gathered opposite me. It looked like a chauvinistic demonstration and I wanted to avoid it. I think I went back to the previously mentioned building but I could not find any of the people I had been talking to. I was waiting for them.

That is as much as I can remember.

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