Saturday, 20 August 2011

A sci-fi adventure with explosive diarrhea

Last night I woke up with terrible abdominal cramps. Half-awake, I saw images of lighted cores that represented a path through which I would manipulate the pain. It resembled a game I was playing last week. I was sharing a single bed with P. and I know he had trouble sleeping in such a narrow space, especially with all this heat, so I was trying to take as less space as possible. I really needed to fold my legs though, so I turned against the wall and tried to get into a position that would ease my suffering. As I was relaxing, I saw that I was enfolded in pristine mechanical parts, white and cromium. They were folding and unfolding slowlly. Eventually, I slept deeply and dreamt a dream of my favourite genre; a sci-fi one.

I was in a city with P. It was war time. I was in a public building after curfew. It was very dangerous to be out because there were people that wanted to manipulate our minds. If we got cought we would get brainwashed. I was hiding behind some desks. I met two more people there that seemed to still have full contiousness. Together we would probably manage to escape. A few officials came in the building. Among them was a beautiful dominant woman. Somehow they convinced us that we were not in danger. We thought we had tricked them to believe that we were with them. I decided to make an attempt to escape but when I tried to locate my comrades I realised we had fallen into a trap. They had brainwashed one of us, Bob, and erased his memory. He no longer knew who he was, neither who I was and he tried to capture me.

I got into a narrow corridor with more than ten high-tech elevators. I pushed a button and waited. A very short and chubby woman with thick black hair and black clothes, pulling a medium size trolley, stood in front of an elevator door oposite me. My lift came first and I suggested she came with me. She said that she would not use an elevator unless she would be alone in there. I felt sorry for her and told her she could go first, then and that I would wait for another one. She left and soon after that I also got into a cubicle. I pushed a button for the eleventh floor but realised it was the seventh I should get to. I pushed the stop button and the lift stopped between two floors. I ould hear people outside so I started punching the door with my fists but no one would respond. Then I realized that I could actually move the whole thing by pushing the wall and I did so untill I was infront of a door. I got out.

I was in a hospital. I took the stairs this time and atarted going downwards. When I got to the first floor I saw a coridor that would lead me out. The whole place resembled slightly to MOMA, architectur-wise. A man in white was walking in front of me. I followed him. He was carrying a large metallic construction. He placed it on the floor and crawled under it. I did the same but when I was about to get out, a couple of doctors blocked my way with a barier. I asked permission to pass through but they suggested that I go the other way because they were baout to use this space for patients with contagious explosive diarrhea. I felt really bad for having crawlled on this space and made my way back as fast as I could. From a distance I saw people shtting frozen blood. The doctors where saying that these people's sacrifise would save million others.

I got out on the street and met P. It was dusk. He told me that somebody was making a film about the nineties, which was why the whole city was covered in peculiar retro debris. He had a large wooden cart and was very happy about that. His friend O. also had one of these. Somebody had parked it on his back yard. Among all the things that were layed out on the street were some bags for cat food I had found at IKEA. I asked if there had been IKEA shops since the nineties. I also wanted to push the cart and he gave it to me. It was rather heavy and hard tro manage, but so much fun to operate on the empty streets. We passed through corridors and alcoves.

I woke up.

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