Sunday, 21 August 2011

London with K. and P.'s kimono

Last night I dreamed that I was in London with my good friend K.. We had just arrived and I would only stay there for a day. There were so many things I wanted to do that I had no time for a break. I remember us walking around in wide avenues and pass through grassy parks. Whenever I dream of London it seems to have some made-up characteristics. It is more grey than brown and much more industrial. Actually, London in my dreams resembles to Canary Wharf, despite the fact than even when I leaved there it was one of the places I did not visit so often, although it always intrigued me.

My friend K. and I passed through a local market with groceries and bought some snacks. It was getting late in the afternoon and we did not have much time left. We passed through a museum and then we were about to visit Tate Modern. I wanted to go to the loo but I needed 50 p. and I did not have any change on me. I decided to wee outside the toilets between a couple of bushes. A security guard in a yellow t-shirt and blue trousers saw me and notified someone through a large radio. I tried to lifts my panties and accidentally I urinated on them. I called to the guard to apologise and make an excuse but he was disgusted by me. Another on came near and I was still trying to lift my underwear. Finally, a woman joined them and I called for her. She came near me and not only was she not disgusted but she gave me a sympathetic look. I apologised to her and informed her of my lack of time. I asked how much would be the fine I would have to pay, so as to finish with the process as soon as possible and proceed to my errands. They lead me to an office where an alcoholic red head was waiting for me. She invited me in for a drink. I followed her in a room covered with bookshelves. I tried to explain why I had been caught urinating outside the designated area. She did not seem to mind it much and would not make me pay a fine but neither did she let me leave either.

And then the dream became really complicated. While I was waiting in this woman's office I transformed into a plate with some watery dough. Then my face rose from the surface, followed by the rest of my body. Soon I was standing with crepe dough dripping from me. My skin stabilized and I was holding a rather stable and descent crepe au chocolate.

In my second dream I was with P.. We were walking around a Mediterranean market. I can't remember exactly what it was we were looking for but the shops were about to close and we had to hurry. We got into a shop that sold fine fabrics. Large kimonos made of tartan in various shades of muddy colours were hanging from the ceiling. I looked at P. and saw that he was also wearing a kimono in the colour of Salmon, I had given to him. He was asking how he could remove some stains it had on the shoulders. They suggested to over-paint them but I disagreed. P. went to find another clerk and I stayed there, attempting to make small talk. I told them how I had bought my kimonos. They were not very interested though. While I was standing there I noticed how many people were working in this shop that had initially seemed empty. P. called me to show me how excited he was to be helping a young girl cut bronze ribbons from a long roll of bronze she ad in front og her. He had big iron scissors and he was cutting and cutting, looking very proud of himself.

I woke up and got up with a very small hangover and sweating.

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