Friday, 19 August 2011

Liquid gas

This month, I have seen at least five dreams I haven't felt like writing. They were long and fast and confusing with rapidly changing context. I shall try to write down what I dreamt about last night but before I do so I will Mention P.'s dream.

P. woke up about half an hour after I did and he announced that he was was not talking to me, because I had been really shitty to him in his dream. He said he saw I was flirting with somebody's American cousin and that I was paying no attention to him. Subsequently, he saw that he was sitting on a beach and that I came running towards him from a big distance. I approached him and smacked him on the face. I broke his glasses that also seemed to swallow as if they were hurt instead of his face. I appeared not to give a damn about how he felt and I was laughing. A real bitch.

I dreamt I was at a party. There I met a friend of mine, from high-school, with whom I had been flirting for a short period. He informed me that his brother would also drop by later. He mentioned that his brother was adopted and that he was half-Chinese. The brother, indeed, came to the party and I thought he was remarkably handsome. We started chatting by the buffet. There was a lot of tension between us and despite the fact it felt really nice to be flirting, after being in a relationship for so long, I was so worried that P. might make his appearance in any minute and I would have to stop. I had no intention to lie to either of them but since the half-Chinese brother would leave the country on the next day, I thought it was safe to stay with him and hide the whole thing. I kept feeling that P. was near by, as if he was in the next room, or something.
I also remember talking to my sister and then I found my self sitting in a conference room with people from my masters course. More specifically I remember an English girl called E.. She was a small girl, small for English that is, with honey coloured hair. Her hair was much longer than I remember it in reality. We left together and passed through a hotel lounge. A couple more girls were with us. I can't recall who they were, though. She asked me about the half-Chinese fellow and I told her I would met him once more within a few minutes. He had asked me to deliver some sort of fuel to the hotel. We would meet right afterwards. We walked together to a car that was parked on a prairie some distance from the hotel. I would have to drive this car to the front door and give the fuel to somebody that would be waiting for me. It was in a big metallic vessel, like the kind that is used for liquid oxygen, or liquid gas. I was a bit worried it was not a safe thing to do and the request made me feel odd too. The girls got in the car with me and E. asked me to give her a handmade crochet scarf I was wearing. I did not want to because I had made it myself and I really liked it. She was pulling it form me, telling me she was freezing. I offered her another one that I had left in the car. She objected violently. In the end I fixed a hole she had created in the second one and she took it.
I woke up. It was a turn off because it was a nice dream in comparison to the things I have been seeing lately. I slept again and tried to recreate it but I was unsuccessful in it. I woke up and got up.

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