Sunday, 3 July 2011

the pre-historic lizards

I dreamt I was with my sister. We were at the sea. The shore was very shallow and warm. I had to walk for quite a distance until I got deep enough so as to be able to swim. I was swimming when I passed from a spot that was especially warm. I thought it might be a volcanic source and dipped my head to see. It was not clear so I would have to get rather deep to trace the source of the heat. I swam underwater and saw that bellow me were carcasses from strange amphibian animals. They looked like oversize lizards. For a moment I thought that they were crocodiles but they looked different. The heat was coming from these animals. I could not decide how I felt about them and if I wanted to be swimming above them. I called at my sister to tell her about my findings. I kept going bellow and observing them. They were different kinds of animals. Some looked like a dried-up lizard I saw yesterday in the evening (not in a dream) and some like some graphic animals I saw in a computer game. It was very muddy and greenish-brown down there. The thought that I might get infected passed through my mind but my curiosity surpassed my feeling of self-preservation. I saw more but by the time I managed to write about it I forgot everything else apart from the lizards and the feeling of swimming in this primordial heat.

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