Tuesday, 19 July 2011

undertakers +2

I have been watching a series about undertakers and it affected a dream I saw this morning. It was about undertakers. I saw that the women that work as undertakers or belong to families of undertakers have a small scarecrow tattoo near their vagina so as to prevent ghosts from inserting. Later I dreamt I was an undertaker. I was in the desert, walking on the dunes, when I decided to check if I could fly. I could, even though it was more like hovering than flying. I was not very high so the landscape unfurled slowly under me. My vision seemed slightly blurred and the sand resembled the texture of a slightly rippled sea, apart from the fact that the waves were still. I flew for a couple of metres and then I landed, as I was waking up.

Some days ago I was taking a cat nap and I dreamt I was in a car crush. A vehicle was coming towards us in top speed from the opposite direction and we could do nothing to avoid it. I was busy doing something else in the car, thus when I saw it coming I rushed into getting the embryonic position but I could not do it properly, as if I did not have enough space. Eventually we crushed. I felt no pain. I saw the windshield shatter and the fragments of glass flying all over the place. It was happening for so long that I started thinking about it. I thought that, perhaps, I should change my position or that I might be already dead and starting afterlife.

Another day I saw that I was with P. and I.. She was about to poo when P. decided that she was not standing properly and pulled her leg slightly. She got up and searched for a new place. Then she made a huge turd. It must have had a diameter of 9 cm as it was coming out. The end-product was so big that I was not sure if I could pick it up with the plastic bags I usually use for this purpose and I was wondering whether I should just leave it there.

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