Wednesday, 6 July 2011

the half homosexual manor

My dog made an attempt to wake me up at half past six. The sun was already shinning but I was 3 hours of sleep short. I refused to get up and she returned to her bed. I slept again and had a dream. I saw I was with a friend of mine, apparently not a very close one. He was a lean blondy that talked a lot about his love nest. I got into his car and he drove me to a big cottage surrounded by nicely trimmed loan. Instead of opening the front door for me he opened a window under the porch and invited me in. He said that he shared the house but that the basement was his, only. I thought twice before going in. It looked dodgy to get into an underground room through a window. I refused and eventually we went into the house by the appropriate entrance. It was an expensively decorated house. He led me into his room. I asked if I could use the bathroom first. This room was covered by black marbles and the sink was covered by traditional embroidery. I removed it carefully, washed my hands and rearranged it carefully. I went back to the guy and we started getting undressed. The door opened and two old fellow students of mine got in. I put my dress back on, over a checkered shirt I was wearing, but it had the front side on the back. I tried to take it off so as to turn it around but it was too tight. I asked for help. He was just staring at me as if he had never helped anyone take a dress off before. I was left standing there with my arms raised above my head. One of the girls helped me. Then his brother joined us. He was an african classy homosexual with posh shoes, white shirt, grey trousers and shaved head. He was wearing a golden ring and had a glass of whiskey in his hands. I noticed at that point that there were two of everything in the house, half of which were covered in the previously mentioned embroidery. I understood that these objects belonged to the brother. The time had passed and I remembered that I had left my dog alone for many hours. I did not have my dog in mind but my sister's. I decided to leave but wanted to schedule a date for some other day. Then the guys wife appeared and they got together in a farmer's truck. He signed that he would text me. It thought it was really silly on his behalf and was turned off.

Then I found my self in an urban area. I felt that I was walking aimlessly around when I saw a nice little corner cafe where friends of mine were sitting. I approached them and the alarm clock went off. I woke up

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