Sunday, 5 December 2010

up-heavals, corridors, buildings, the usual..

The dream I remember from last night was very complicated and I only remember bits and pieces that I can't really put in any time-line or order. The first thing I remember is that as I was getting out of the room where I was sleeping with my boyfriend, I crossed paths with my previous one. He was wearing a jacket that was mine two years ago. It had not been mine in the dream, but it was equally outdated as a known piece of clothing. I told him I was about to call him so as to meet. He had gone shopping and had just returned home with small shopping bags of bookstores, or music shops. He tried to kiss me but I refused. I was amazed by my determination not to cheat. I can't remember what happened next but I remember also seeing his mother and walking, later at some point, into his room. I found him lying on the couch by the window and tried to make casual chat. I think that the subject might have been about me having to leave for abroad.
I also remember talking with my sister about something perilous, but nothing more, even though I have the impression I was talking to her for some time.
The next thing I remember clearly was getting out of the room into a corridor. I might have been in one of those multifunctional buildings that house shops and facilities of the sort apart from apartments. There were two unknown women chatting outside their doors. It was late- it was dark outside- and they told me about some upheaval that had taken place and that the streets were dodgy- a woman had been robbed of all her money just a few hours ago. They had ordinarily long black hair and they were casually dresses and around their late twenties or early thirties. They told me to think again before attempting to go out on my own at this time. Thus I returned to the room where from I had just come out. I think P. was there but it could have been my sister as well. I repeated what I had just heard and made the assumption that if people were after the money in my bag and did not tend to harm people physically I would be safe if I was not carrying any.
Dreams don't start or conclude in any specific manner. On the contrary, most of the times the story stops abruptly. People wake up and they never know what happened after all.

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